AirDog Raptor Dodge Cummins Diesel Fuel Lift Pumps

Dodge Ram 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins Diesel Raptor Lift Pumps

The Raptor diesel fuel pump is a high performance gear rotor diesel fuel lift pump. The Raptor features an adjustable pressure regulator so you have the ability to adjust the fuel pressure to your desired setting. The Raptor fuel pump also has a protective wire screen insert at the fuel inlet side of the pump. 

The Dodge Ram trucks with the Cummins diesel engine is extremely responsive to the installation of an aftermarket lift pump.  The Cummins diesel engine relies upon the proper fuel delivery rate and pressure being supplied to the engine fuel injection pump. By providing both constant positive fuel pressure and the proper flow of diesel fuel to the engine, the Cummins turbo diesel engine will run at an increased performance level. s where you get the added benefits of smoother and quieter idle, better throttle response, increased fuel economy, better mid-range through top-end power and more consistent rail pressure to support both stock and modified engines.

PureFlow AirDog offers two different fuel supply rates for the Dodge Ram Cummins Diesels trucks:

  • This RP 100 flows 100 gallons per hour at the preset PSI fuel pressure rating required for the proper operation. The RP-100 is recommended for stock and slightly modified 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins diesel engines up to 550 horsepower. 
  • This RP 150 flows 150 gallons per hour at the preset PSI fuel pressure rating required for the proper operation. The RP-150 is recommended for highly modified 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins diesel engines with a  550 to 800 horsepower rating.

Raptor Installation Note:

Raptor diesel fuel pump kits that flow 100 gallons per hour do not require you to drop the tank to install the system. These Raptor Fuel Pumps features OEM style quick connect fittings for a simple installation. The Raptor FP-100 fuel pump has aa straight forward installation that allows you to hook the suction line to the factory fitting on the fuel tank sending unit. Installation of the Raptor FP-150 will require the lowering of the fuel tank to install either a suction tube kit or a fuel sump kit. The installation of the fuel sump or suction tube kit will ensure proper fuel flow rates. 

The Raptor Fuel Pump is a Premium Performance lift pump for the Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L Turbo Diesel engines.  This high performance Cummins Diesel engine lift pumps are sold as a complete kit ready for installation. Raptor fuel pumps use the factory fuel filter housing for fuel filtration.

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