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Baja Designs

BD 708313

Baja Designs 708313 Amber Combo Lens Kit

Baja Designs S8 Series LED Light Bar Replacement Lens

These Baja Designs S8™ Series LED Light Bar Replacement Lenses.

The Baja Designs S8 LED Light Bar has an incredible feature that other light bars don't provide! The entire S8 Series of LED Light Bars is manufactured with interchangeable or replaceable optics and lenses. If your light bar use changes or your lens becomes damaged you can easily replace the lens to meet your requirements. 

These S8 10" Replacements Lens Kits are available in the following beam patterns and colors:

These S8 10" Amber Combo Lens replacement lens kits include:

  • One 10" S8 injection molded replacement Amber Combo Beam lens. 
  • One S8™ O-ring

The Baja Designs S8 Replacement Lens Kit applications:

The Baja Designs S8 LED Light Bar replacement Amber Combo Beam lens kit benefits:

  • Injection-molded Lens for precision optics.
  • Allows the end-user to repair or change the beam pattern of your light bar.
  • The S8 LED Light allows you the end user to service your lightbar without voiding your light bar warranty.
  • Change your lights beam pattern to meet your needs.
  • All light bars are precision made and use an O-Ring to seal out moisture.
  • Each Lens Kit is a 10" Section in the beam pattern you require.

    Baja Designs Lighting Zones Chart For S8 Lens

    Why the Baja Designs LED, light bars are the best in the industry.

    Baja Designs is one of the only premium quality LED light manufacturers with end-user replaceable lenses and optics. Baja Designs has always engineered and manufactured the amazing S8 Series LED bars as a serviceable unit. This unique feature allows you the user to change your LED light bar to meet your exact needs. If your conditions change, so can your LED light bar. If a Baja Designs lens is scratched or scored, you don't replace the whole light as you do with most imported LED light bar products. There is no shipping back the light bar back to the manufacturer as you would with other popular LED lights.

    Baja Designs uService™ technology is integrated into every series of the LED light. This unique technology allows you to repair quickly or replace the lens. Just unscrew the waterproof and dustproof S8 lens for servicing. You can open the seal to replace the damaged optics or lens. The uService™ technology will also allow you can also change the optics of your light. All Baja Designs S8 LED Light Bars are backed by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.  For the ultimate in the LED light bar or LED Light protection and serviceability look to Baja Designs.

    • Item Number : Baja Designs S8 Amber Combo Beam Replacement Lens Kit
    • make 
    • Model : All Baja Designs S8 Series 10" to 50" LED Light Bars
    • year 
    • Manufacturer Part No : Baja Designs S8 708313 Replacement Lens Kit
    • Product Application : All Baja Designs S8 Series LED Light Bars
    • Height : 4
    • Width : 12
    • Brand : Baja Designs
    • FAQ : Can you make the repair to your Baja Designs S8 series light bar and still maintain the lifetime warranty? Yes the uService® from Baja Designs, allows you the end-user to make the repair or replacement of a damaged lens in a straight forward manner a breeze. Whether you busted your old one, or you just want to swap out for a different pattern, we have you covered. 
    • Part Number : 708313
    • Manufacturer : Baja Designs 708313 
    • Beam Pattern : S8 Series LED Light Bar Amber Combo Beam Pattern Lens
    • Product Note : Sold as a complete kit that provides a new lens as a complete weatherproof kit.

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