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Baja Designs

Baja Designs 660300

Baja Designs 660300 S2 Squadron Security Hardware Kit

Baja Designs 660300 S2/Squadron (Pro & Sport), Security Hardware Kit



The Baja Designs 660300 S2/Squadron Pro & Sport Security Hardware Kit contains:

  • Two M6x16 Socket Pin Head Bolts
  • One Socket Pin Head Driver Bit

Baja Designs 660300 S2 Squadron Security Hardware Kit protects your investment in Baja Designs LED lights. What better way to ensure the lights stay where there mounted than with a Baja Designs anti-theft protection security hardware kits.

The LED Light Security Hardware Kit Applications:

  • Baja Designs S2 LED Lights
  • Baja Designs S2 Pro LED Lights
  • Baja Designs Squadron LED Lights
  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Lights

This hardware security kit uses an Anti-theft device for the safe and secure retention of your Baja Designs lights. The Baja Designs S2 Squadron Pro & Sport and Squadron Pro & Sport Security Hardware Kit allows your lights to stay where you installed them on your vehicle.

  • Engine:NA
  • Item Number: BD 660300
  • Make: Universal
  • Model 
  • Year 
  • Manufacturer Part No: 660300
  • Product Application: Extra Protection For Your Baja Designs SII, S2 Pro, and Squadron Series LED Lights.
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 5
  • Brand: Baja Designs
  • FAQ: Why do I need this Baja Designs Kit? The purchase of the 660300 hardware security kit ensures your Baja Designs LED or Laser lights stay attached to your vehicle. 
  • Part Number: 660300
  • Manufacturer: Baja Designs
  • Beam Pattern: This Security Hardware Mounting Kit is approved  for use with all Baja Designs Beam Patterns
  • Product Note:

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