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Borgeson Universal Company Inc. Steering Components

The Borgeson Universal Company has been manufacturing American Made Steering Components since 1914 at their facility located in Connecticut. The design and production of steering universal joints used in the industrial, automotive, military, and aerospace industries have now passed the 100-year mark.

The Borgeson Universal Company continues to improve the design and development of its precision needle-bearing universal joint. The Borgeson precision needle bearing universal joint is used in the construction of its high-performance replacement steering shafts. The Borgeson Universal Company acquired the Mullins steering gears company that then allowed the production of additional steering components.

Borgeson Universal is one of the industries most trusted manufacturers for high-quality replacement steering parts:

Currently, the Borgeson Universal Company offers a complete selection of power steering system replacement parts and components which now include the following steering system components:

No matter what your steering needs are, you can turn to Borgeson Universal for the steering components you need. Now with over 100 years of steering proven design, quality, and performance Borgeson Universal is the answer!

Borgeson Universal proudly produces American Made Products

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