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FASS Fuel Systems

FASS FF-1003

FASS FF-1003 Replacement 3 Micron Diesel Fuel Filter

FASS FF-1003 Fuel Filter 

This diesel fuel filter is to be used as a direct replacement for your FASS Fuel Systems HD Series Fuel Filter part number FF-1003. FASS has now discontinued this filter so when they're gone they are gone! KLM Performance has a very limited supply of the FASS diesel fuel filters so get them now! 

As of 1/29/20, the FF-1003 is no longer available from FASS.

Change Interval for the 3 micron Diesel Fuel Filter

  • Has a suggested change interval of 30,000 miles
  • As soon as a bad load of diesel fuel is detected.

FASS FF-1003 Replacement Fuel Filter is a 3 Micron rated diesel fuel filter applications:

  • The older FASS 150 series diesel fuel pumps.
  • FASS HD series lift pumps.
  • FASS Versatile Systems lift pumps.

The FASS FF-1003 Fuel Filter removes more contaminants from your fuel than the FF-1010 Fuel Filter 10 Micron Fuel Filter. This FASS diesel fuel filter FF-1003 fuel filter offers the highest level of protection to your vehicle's entire fuel injection system.

KLM Performance recommends having a spare set of FASS fuel filters on hand at all times.

  • engine: N/A
  • Flow Rate:
  • Item Number: FF-1003
  • Make: : Universal
  • model All Diesel Engines
  • Year: N/A
  • Manufacturer Part No: FASS FF-1003
  • Product Application: FASS HD Series, 150 Series, and Versatile Systems
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 4.0000,url_path=fass-ff-1003-replacement-fuel-filter-3-micron,width=8
  • Brand: FASS
  • FAQ: What is the recommended change interval for this filter?
    The fuel filter change interval is 15,000 to 30,000 miles. This FASS Fuel Filter range is based on the type of fuel and fuel quality used. A shorter change interval is recommended when running Bio-Diesel.

  • Part Number: FASS FF-1003
  • Manufacturer: FASS
  • Beam Pattern:
  • Product Note:

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