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Diesel Engine Pushrods

KLM Performance offers both OEM Replacement Pushrods and High Performance pushrods for your diesel engine program.

The pushrod is one of the most influential members of your valve train assembly. Pushrods are also very often overlooked when it comes to performance upgrades for your diesel engine. Extensive research, testing and countless hours on a SpinTron go into building a better pushrod. When the output power level of your diesel engine has increased the issue of using substandard components comes to the surface. Many a diesel truck owner has learned the hard, expensive lesson of using stock or foreign-made push rod.

These diesel pushrods construction is comprised of a single piece rod with a precision-forged cup ends using SAE 4130 Chromoly. These pushrods are then heat-treated for extreme strength and rigidity. Designed specifically for the diesel engine to handle higher spring pressures with greater resistance to deflection. The diesel pushrods are designed to be strong enough not to fail, bend or burn up at the ends. These precision formed pushrods are then centerless ground to exacting tolerances, coated with a Black Oxide finish and Laser etched. The frequency of the pushrod must be designed to match the entire operating range of the motor. High Performance pushrods must also match that the other components used to improve the performance of the valvetrain as a whole.

Today your high performance street truck or race engine deserves the ultimate in quality at every step. Purchase the MaxSpool Engineering pushrods to take your engine to the next level.

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