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High Performance Amercian Made Diesel Engine Valve Springs

KLM Performance Offers high performance dual rate valve springs for the Cummins and Duramax diesel engines.

Diesel engines running aftermarket camshafts, higher boost, and increased power levels are in need of high performance valve train components to control the valve train. High performance valve springs are a necessary upgrade that is required in a diesel engine which now produces more power. When your raise the power level of your diesel engine you need to address all of the problems associated with higher RPMs and boost levels.

Do the valve springs that you are currently using resolve these issues? Chances are you are running a rebadged, mass production valve spring. Manufacturers of aftermarket valve springs often do this because they either don’t have the money to design a spring or don’t know what your diesel engine needs. In either case, you could be running a high performance dual rate diesel valve spring for optimum engine performance and valvetrain control.

These MaxSpool Engineering dual rate valve springs are manufactured in the U.S.A.  MaxSpool used the lessons learned at the track to produce the highest quality diesel valve spring available today.  These high performance valve spring are available for the Duramax and Cummins engines. If you are running more rpm, boost or a higher lift cam then these springs will help you control your valves. By controlling your valve springs will help you effectively eliminate valve float. Valve Float is when the valve is not in contact with the rocker which allows the valve to hammer the seat or incur reversion that can occur when exhaust drive pressures open the exhaust valve on the intake stroke.

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