Cummins Diesel Engine Heaters

Cummins Diesel Engine Block Heaters

What does a Block Heater or Coolant Heater do?

The heater element is an electric heating element used to warm the coolant fluid contained within the block of the engine. The warm coolant raises the engine block temperature to aid the ability of the engine starting in extremely cold temperatures. The use of this immersion heater will also warm up the vehicle faster. then it normally would in extremely cold weather. This Cummins electric heating element is installed directly into the cylinder block through a freeze plug on the block. This emersion coolant heater is the same as a Block heater which is used to heat the engines coolant. They are an immersion-style heater that replaces one of the frost plugs the manufacturer installed in your engine block. When you plug in the heater, it heats the antifreeze in the block, which then heats the block and everything attached to it. The coolant warmer is connected through a power cord often routed through the vehicle's grille. 

What Types of Cummins diesel engine heaters are there?

There are two primary types of heaters used to warm the engines coolant fluid:

  • Emersion Type - which is inserted into a threaded receptacle in the engine block.
  • Freeze Plug Type - this heater kit is installed through the removal of one of the engines freeze plugs.

If you are having trouble starting your truck in cold weather then the installation of a new or replacement heater kit will make this experience much easier.
If you dread trying to start your engine on cold mornings, diesel engine block heaters will definitely help. Just connect the block heater cord to your 120-volt outlet and you can keep your engine coolant at a manageable temperature.

Cummins Block Heater Installation

Block heaters are normally a straightforward installation process which is not difficult. The installation degree of difficulty can increase due to restricted working conditions. to install. Most engine heaters take one to two hours.

NOTE:  When installing a block heater in your diesel engine:

  • Do not power up the heater element before filling the engine coolant and test running the engine. The heater element will rapidly overheat and burn out when it is not immersed in coolant before powering up.
  • The heater contains an element that warms when supplied with 110-volt power. We recommend running the engine and bleeding air from the engine coolant system prior to connecting the power to ensure that the block heater element is surrounded by coolant.

NOTE:  When installing a heater element in your diesel engine we recommend you take the following steps prior to installation.

  • Verify you have the correct part for your Cummins diesel engine prior to starting the installation process
  • Verify you have the correct installation location on your Cummins diesel engine prior to starting the installation process

What does an Engine Block Heater Kit contain?

  • Block Heater Cord for the supply of power to the heating element. The block heater cord contains a special connector on the engine end which attaches to the heater element. 
  • Heater Element that is submersed into the engine coolant fluid.
  • Heater Element Gasket used to seal the heater element to the engine block.

What are the benefits obtained by installing a Cummins engine block heater?

  • Keeps engine warm in cold temperatures.
  • Eliminates cold start engine damage.
  • Straightforward installation
  • Simple to install.
  • It provides a reliable and efficient way to pre-heat your engine.
  • A significantly warmer coolant temperature aids in cold weather starts.
  • Reduces the strain placed on your battery output amperage.
  • Extends the life of batteries.
  • Saves on fuel consumption.
  • Reduces the time required to get the engine to proper operating temperature.

If you do not see the Cummins Diesel Engine Heater you need please contact us and provide you ESN - Engine Serial Number for help.

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