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Dodge Ram Fan Clutch

Replacement Fan Clutch Assemblies for the Dodge Ram Diesels

If your engine temperature is rising and it does not remain in the proper range, it may be time to replace the fan clutch in your Dodge Turbo Diesel. These replacement cooling fan clutches are the latest generation of the OEM Mopar fan clutches. These are the OEM Mopar Fan clutch assemblies for the Dodge Ram trucks.

The Dodge Ram Fan Clutch clutch is an electronically controlled unit., it is capable of performing self-diagnostics and should display fault codes. To check the operation of the Fan Clutch you can perform this test. With the doors closed, the key should be cycled “off” to “on” three times (without cranking the starter), stopping at “On”. Check the odometer display for codes P0483 and P0480 which are related to Dodge clutch problems. The fan clutch contains an internal solenoid and speed sensor to control the fan blade speed. When this function is affected, the above codes are displayed. Once these codes are visible, the wiring running to the front of the clutch between the fan blade and radiator beneath the truck should be checked. The wiring should not be entangled in the fan blade or cut off. If the wiring appears fine, the problem could be internal and Dodge clutch replacement may be necessary.

The Mopar replacement fan clutches are a direct fit replacement component. We have the Premium Quality OEM Fan Clutch assemblies for your 1991.5 to Current Model Dodge Ram diesel. Get yours at Wholesale Prices here at KLM Performance!

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