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Electric Cooling Fans

Electric Cooling Fans

The installation of an electric cooling fan is used to boost your engine performance by reducing the parasitic drag on your engine. The removal of the OEM cooling fan assembly will free up the motor's actual power output. By removing the parasitic power loss, electric fans have become the preferred choice for many performance enthusiasts. Electric fans are powered by your vehicle’s electrical system. Although they will place an additional draw on the electrical system, they are a far more efficient cooling alternative to mechanical fans as they do not induce a parasitic power loss.

The installation of an electric cooling fan assembly will:

  • Increase your engine performance
  • Boost the efficiency of your motor.
  • Reduce emissions.
  • Provide quicker engine warm-ups.
  • Increase water pump life.
  • Enhance your engines Low RPM cooling.
  • Unlocks motor to produce the maximum power and fuel efficiency

These Flex-a-Lite electric fans are activated by a coolant sensor connected to the engine's computer. These electric cooling fan units use the coolant temperature sensor in your engine detects that the engine temperature is rising above the programmed limit.  The signal of the increased coolant then triggers the engagement of the electric cooling fan to begin operating and reduce the engine's coolant temperature.

These electric cooling fan units are a vehicle-specific kit which is designed as a direct-fit, bolt-on Flex-a-lite® dual electric fan system for your vehicle.

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