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High Performance Diesel Intercoolers

An intercooler mainly works in conjunction with a turbocharger but can be used with superchargers. Your engine's turbocharger is a high performance air compressors that force pressurized air into your engine. The turbocharger increases the volume of air that enters the engine. The intercooler is a heat exchanger that cools the air making it denser allowing, even more, air by volume to get into the engine. This cooler dense charged air contains more oxygen which allows you to add more fuel and produce more power. So the cooler the air charge entering the engine, the more power you engine can produce. High Performance Intercoolers offer a much more efficient way of cooling the incoming air charge. This efficiency is due to high quality materials, larger overall surface areas and better overall design than your stock intercooler.

The benefits obtained by installing a Diesel Air to Air Intercooler

Aftermarket a healthy are designed to provide a higher volume of colder air at higher pressures. The installation of a more efficient aftermarket intercooler also produces a dramatic drop in exhaust gas temperatures on the diesel engines. Supplying your diesel engine with a cooler air charge increases the efficiency of the engine and allows a complete burn of the fuel-air charge. Installing a more efficient high performance intercooler will allow you to reach higher power levels safely.

Benefits obtained by installing a High Performance Intercooler on your Diesel Engine:

  • A Ten Degree drop in the incoming air charge results in a one percent power gain.
  • A One PSI increase in your boost level provides three percent more horsepower.
  • Intercoolers provide improved air flow and lower intake air temperatures.
  • An Intercooler lower exhaust gas temperatures by a healthy 100 to 200 degrees
  • Lower intake air temperatures increase your Horsepower and Torque output levels.

If you take these numbers and multiply them over what you can do with an intercooler, you can see why this is a major component of your truck. The higher intake-air temperature of your turbo reduces the efficiency of an engine, and that's why an intercooler is essential. The Intercooler is a highly specialized heat exchanger that looks like a radiator, cools the intake air.The Turbocharger compressor wheel generates this hot compressed air which travels to the air-to-air intercooler. The intercooler is designed to cool this air charge. Once the intake air charge temperature has been reduced it proceeds to the intake manifold, where the cooler air charge is distributed to the cylinders. The fuel injectors supply in the diesel fuel and the mix burns, creating the high-pressure the Pistons need. The spent gasses leave the cylinder and then drive the turbine side of the turbo, completing the cycle.

The Hellmann Performance Intercooler is designed for maximum air flow to lower your EGTs. Since your truck is a daily driver, you will appreciate the fact that the Hellmann Intercooler will lower EGTs by a strong 100 to 200 degrees and considerably lower intake air temperatures. The Hellmann Intercooler is for 2003 to 2010 Dodge 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesels.

These Hellmann Performance Intercoolers are handmade to order in the USA! Each Intercooler is an absolute work of art that can withstand boost pressure of up to 150 PSI.

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