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FASS Replacement Wire Harnesses - KLM Performance

High-Quality FASS Wire Harness

FASS Fuel System Replacement Wire Harness WH-1001 WH-1002 WH-1003 WH-1004 WH-1005 WH-1006                

FASS Replacement Wiring Harnesses For your FASS Lift Pump

KLM Performance stocks the full line of OEM FASS Replacement Wire Harnesses for all FASS Fuel Air Separation Systems and FASS Fuel Lift Pumps. These are the OEM FASS Wire Harness required to supply power to your FASS Fuel Pump. All of these FASS Wire Harness contains the proper relay, gauge wire, and insulators you need to safely provide power to your FASS fuel pump with the weatherproof connections. 

These FASS Wire Harnesses are available for the:

  • FASS Titanium Signature Series wire harness.
  • FASS Titanium Series wire harness.
  • FASS HD Series wire harness.
  • FASS 150 Series wire harness.
  • FASS 95 Series wire harness.
  • FASS Platinum Series wire harness.
  • FASS Adjustable Fuel Pumps wire harness.
  • FASS Non-Adjustable Fuel Pumps wire harness.

Available FASS Wiring Harnesses For your FASS Lift Pump Or Fuel Air Separation System:

If you do not see the FASS replacement wire harness you're looking for, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

The FASS Fuel Systems Replacement Wire Harnesses are all MADE IN THE USA!

If you have any questions about a replacement wire harness for your FASS Fuel Pump or FASS Fuel Air Separation System, please feel free to call us at 203-210-7200 or Contact Us.

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