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Coolant Filters

Engine Coolant Filters

Your Engines Cooling System Coolant Filters are installed to remove containments from the engine's cooling system. The coolant filter is also used to maintain the cooling system's proper operation and PH balance. Coolant filters are designed for use in both gasoline and Diesel engines. A majority of your engine downtime is due to coolant system related failures. With today's diesel engines, coolant balance is key to keeping your engine running efficiently for long-term operation with efficiency.

Your engine's coolant and filter regularly battle the formation of these suspended particles and cooling system conditions:

  • Rust,
  • Scale
  • Acidity
  • Debris
  • Silicate Drop Out
  • Damaging Temperature Extremes

KLM performance offers these Spin-on filters in a variety of types and efficiency ratings to meet your maintenance needs and practices, These Fleetguard Filters from Cummins Filtration help keep hot-running engines cool and reduce downtime. See these Replacement Coolant Filters for the proper protection of your engine's cooling system. A diesel engine depends on its cooling filtration system for protection from damaging temperature extremes. The replacement of your engine cooling system filter plays a vital part in the long-term operation of your engine with reduced downtime.

KLM Performance recommends you reference your engine's service manual for the complete list of cooling system maintenance requirements.

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