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Intercoolers/Dodge Ram Intercoolers

Dodge Ram High Performance Intercoolers

These Hellmann Performance Intercoolers for the Dodge Ram trucks with the Cummins engines are one of the best bolt-on upgrades available for the Dodge Ram diesel powered trucks.

Installing a High Performance Aftermarket Intercooler Provides the following benefits:

  • Larger more efficient intercooler provides a dramatic reduction in exhaust gas temperatures.
  • Aids in engine power output by providing cooler intake air temperatures.
  • The lowering of the intake air temperatures increases the efficiency of the fuel burn and reducing smoke production.
  • The larger intercooler is far more efficient at removing heat from the compressed air charge.
  • A Cooler denser air charge allows you to burn more fuel to make more power.
  • Better Fuel Economy can is obtained by the increased efficiency of the fuel/air charge introduced into the cylinders.
  • These intercoolers are hand made with larger multi-piece hand welded end tanks which provide the ability to handle higher levels of boost.
  • The bigger and thicker diameter intercooler core offers a superior reduction of your inlet air temperature.
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