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LED Auxiliary Lighting

LED Auxiliary Lighting

LED Auxiliary Lights are an excellent way to increase your ability to see what is out there when the sunlight disappears. Installing supplemental LED lights allows you the capacity to enhance your vision by applying 5000K light exactly where it's needed. You can see what's out there and be seen sooner with Led lights. These are universal applications of off-road lights designed to increase visibility and provide light where headlights don't. Auxiliary LED Light features a compact design that allows the user to assemble multiple lights into various configurations. This high output LED lights are ideal for demanding on the road and off-road applications and work environments.

These Baja Design LED Lights come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, styles, beam patterns, price points, and brightness levels to meet your exact lighting needs. These LED auxiliary lights are easy-to-install, offer high efficiency, long life. By purchasing a premium quality, American-made LED light, and you will save yourself a lot of time and money diagnosing what happened to your lighting system. These LED lights are resistant to moisture, corrosion, vibration, and UV radiation — Shop KLM performance for all LED lighting needs.

Baja Designs ensures that your next off-roading adventure has the lighting you need. These are Heavy Duty; Weather Proof LED lights. Featuring durable cast aluminum housings, which are powder coated combined with a billet machined aluminum bezel, these LED lights are built to withstand the harshest conditions and off-road trails. Baja Designs incorporates ClearView™ and MoistureBlock™ technology to keep everything from dust to snow to rainwater out of your off-roading lighting rig. These LED lights succumb to punishment; the LED Lens assemblies feature replaceable lenses and optics for easy repair, pattern changes, or service.

Here is a list of the LED Light Lights offered from KLM Performance:

KLM Performance offers the highest quality American MadeLED lighting for your on-road, off-road, or marine applications.

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