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FASS Fuel Pump Replacement Inline Filters

FASS Adjustable Series and Non-Adjustable Series Fuel Pump In-Line Pre-Filters offer the ability to keep your pump running without any issue.

In-Line Pre-Filters applications:

  • FASS FA Adjustable Fuel Pumps
  • FASS HPFP Non-Adjustable Fuel Pumps
  • Any gasoline or diesel motor with an old fuel tank.

Installing a new in-line fuel filter or pre-filter will prevent your FASS Adjustable Series or FASS Non-Adjustable Series Fuel Pump from losing fuel pressure. Replacing your In-Line Pre-Filters allows your fuel injection system to maintain the proper pressure and flow rate. These premium diesel fuel pre-filters keep your FASS fuel pump running by preventing large pieces of debris from entering the gerotor in your FASS pump.KLM Performance recommends changing these in-line pre-filters as a part of your regular maintenance schedule.

If you notice a drop in fuel pressure, then, the first item to change out would be your pre-filter. A clogged or restricted inline filter will cause a drop in your fuel pressure and flow rate.

The FASS Replacement inline fuel filters or pre-filters are available in both the 1/2" I.D. and 3/8" I.D. sizes to accommodate the fuel line used on your FASS fuel pump.

How does a Pre-Filter differ from a Fuel Filter?

The fuel system Pre-Filter is an inline fuel filter installed before the fuel pump. The Pre-Filters job is to trap and contain large pieces of debris before they enter the fuel pump which can cause damage.

The fuel system fuel filter is an inline fuel filter installed after the fuel pump. The fuel filter removes suspended particles at a much lower micron rating and protects the entire fuel injection system.  

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