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Jeep Steering Shafts

Borgeson Universal Company offers Heavy Duty Jeep Replacement Steering Shafts.

Borgeson Universal Company Manufacturers Heavy Duty American Made Replacement Steering Shafts for the 1972 to 2006 Jeep models. These superior steering assemblies are offered as a heavy duty direct bolt-in replacement option to improve the steering of your truck. These steering shafts are a great way to address your steering issues your General Motors Pickup with a readily available part.

These Borgeson Jeep Heavy Duty Telescoping Intermediate Steering Shafts features:

  • Connect the factory column to the steering box.
  • The installation offers an easy way to regain the lost control of your vehicle.
  • Eliminates the classic " Steering Wander".
  • It contains a precision needle bearing universal joints.
  • An upgraded vibration reducer.
  • Built as a telescoping steering shaft for increased Saftey.
  • Direct Bolt-On Replacement Intermediate Shaft.
  • Corrects the steering wander issues you are now experiencing.
  • It provides tighter steering and better handling as soon as this new shaft is installed.
  • The added length shaft will also accommodate aftermarket body lifts.
  • Borgeson steering shafts are backed by a Manufacturers 5 Year Warranty!
  • Offered as a Direct Replacement for the factory steering shafts that are no longer available.

The Borgeson Jeep Steering Shafts are MADE IN THE USA!

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