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The Baja Designs OnX6™ Hi-Power Driving Combo LED Light Bar is the answer when you want a BRIGHTER, BOLDER, and BETTER LED Light Bar!

The Baja Designs OnX6™ High Power LED Light Bar Series

This High Performance LED Light Bar Bar Series are designed for the individual that needs the most amount of light possible. This series of the OnX6 LED Lightbar provides the highest lumen output of any LED light bar on the market today. The OnX6 Hi-Power creates 11,650 Lumens Per 10" Section using only 6 LED elements. The Baja Designs OnX6™ Hi-Power hits all of your primary lighting zones with a single light bar. The OnX6 Hi-Power Driving Combo LED Light Bar is engineered for both distance and cornering. Install an OnX6 Hi-Power LED Light Bar in the size that will meet your vehicle and your precise cornering and distance light requirements will be met. The Baja Designs OnX6 Hi-Power LED Light Bar are available in these four size options to meet your high power lighting needs. This OnX6 Hi-Power LED Light Bars are compatible with aftermarket mounting systems for versatile fitments on all types of vehicles.

Baja Designs OnX6 Hi-Power Premium Off Road LED Light Bar Sizes:

Baja Designs OnX6 Driving Combo Hi-Power LED Light Bar Beam Pattern:

Baja Designs designed and produced these Hi-Power Onx6 LED Light Bars for distance and cornering applications. The Baja Designs OnX6 Hi-Power LED Driving Combo pattern provides the maximum trail coverage in a single light. Baja Designs has integrated two proven LED beam patterns into a single LED light. The Driving/Combo pattern uses both the 42 Degree Wide Driving projection and the 6 Degree Spot projection optics in a single light bar. This combination beam pattern provides you with a smooth blend of light for both the near field and distance lighting applications. The OnX6 provides a soft blend of multi-purpose illumination for your off-road trucks, UTVs, or ATVs. When you the racer need more power and longer distance lightning your needs have now been meeting with the OnX6 series high power LED Light Bars. The OnX6 Hi-Power Series will satisfy your wants and requirements for High Performance, Hi Power off-road lighting. Developed specifically for Team Enlightened racers, this light bar features a secretive mad scientist design that provides you with a competitive advantage. Baja Designs offers an industry first in consumer protection with the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty. Purchase an OnX6 Series Light Bar and you are guaranteed you have the light you need as a Racer on the course!

These High Power OnX6 LED Light Bars are offered in the Driving Combo pattern to meet your exact light requirements. If you have any question about these LED Lights, please feel free to contact KLM Performance for a recommendation.

NOTE: Due to the incredible Lumen output of these LED Light Bars the OnX6 High Power requires two wire harnesses for the 30" OnX6 HI-Power and 40" OnX6 Hi-Power models!

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