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MaxSpool Engineering

MaxSpool Engineering designs and manufactures high performance diesel engine components.

The Maxspool Engineering makes dual rate valve springs and push rods for the Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax motors.

The are the highest quality domestically produced valve train components available for your diesel engine program. MaxSpool Engineering offers you the ultimate valvetrain components for your diesel engine program. TheMaxSpool Engineering Cummins Dual Valve Springs were developed tested and proven on the track!

MaxSpool Engineering offers these Dual Valve Springs with two different types of retainers.These dual springs are perfect for high performance and competition use engines that run high boost and high horsepower which allow high lift cam profiles to work properly. MaxSpool offers the valve spring retainers in either Stainless Steel or Titanium for engines revving over 3500 RPMs.

These MaxSpool Engineering Dual Rate Valve Springs are available to you the ultimate Valve Spring for your diesel engine program.

These MaxSpool Engineering Push Rods are available to you the ultimate pushrod for your diesel engine program.

Your engines pushrod is one of the most prominent members of the valve train assembly. The pushrod is overlooked when it comes to a performance upgrade on your diesel engine. MaxSpool Engineering has spent an incredible amount at the track and on the Sprintron testing and redesigning their pushrods. The Spintron is the only tool that allows MaxSpool Engineering to test independently and evaluate nearly every one of the engine variables to maximize performance and durability. These High Performance pushrods are designed and built to be strong enough not to fail, bend or burn up at the ends. The MaxSpool Engineering pushrods are designed to match the frequency of the pushrod and all other parts in the valve train, as well as the entire RPM range at which the engine will operate. This high performance replacement push rods are precision formed with billet ends, constructed from SAE 4130 Chromoly tubing, centerless ground to exacting tolerances, and case hardened to RC 60. The Chromoly steel used to build the diesel engine pushrods contains chromium and molybdenum for high strength and lightweight. The pushrods are coated in a Black oxide finish, and Laser etched.

Today's race engines deserve the ultimate in quality at every step, and MaxSpool Engineering pushrods exceed that requirement.

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