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Mopar Fuel Level Sensor

Replacement Fuel Level Sensors

The fuel level sensor sends an electric signal to your fuel gauge. This sensor works like a float in your fuel tank to determine the amount of fuel contained within the fuel tank. In some vehicles, the fuel pump and fuel level sensor are combined into a single unit.

In your motor vehicle this fuel level sensor usually contains these components:

  • The sensing unit
  • The indicator
  • The actuating rod

The sensing unit typically uses a float connected to a potentiometer. As the degree of fuel in the fuel tank is consumed, the float drops and slides a moving contact along with the resistor. When the fuel level reaches a certain point, it will also turn on a low fuel light on some vehicles.

Meanwhile, the indicator unit is measuring and displaying the amount of electric current flowing through the sending unit. When the tank level is high and the maximum current is flowing, the needle points to "F" indicating a full tank. When the tank is empty, and the least current is flowing, the needle points to "E" indicating an empty tank.

What are the warning signs of a Bad or Failing Fuel Gauge Sender

  • Erratic behavior is displayed with your fuel gauge. The fuel gauge behaves erratically. One of the first symptoms of a problem with the fuel gauge sender is a fuel gauge that behaves erratically.
  • Your Fuel gauge is stuck on empty. Another common symptom of a faulty fuel gauge sender is a gauge that is stuck on empty. ...
  • Your fuel gauge is stuck on full.
  • You just ran out of fuel with the fuel gauge displaying plenty of fuel.
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