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Old/CJC Off Road

LED Light Bar Mounting Brackets

KLM Performance offers only proven truck performance parts that have the best-in-class design, engineering, manufacturing, durability, and reliability, to perform well under the toughest on and off-road conditions. CJC Off-Road has the standards we desire and we are proud to offer this premium quality LED Light Bar brackets.

CJC Off Road manufactures precision laser cut LED light bar mounting brackets for the:

  • 1999 to present model Ford Super Duty truck
  • 2003 to present model Dodge Ram trucks

CJC Off Road was founded by the avid off-road enthusiast who has a strong desire to manufacture the highest quality American Made products.

CJC Off Road LED light bar mounting brackets for Dodge Ram and Ford Super Duty trucks make the “KLM Performance Team” based on the following features:

  • Superior quality
  • Ease of installation
  • Increased safety
  • High performance light bar retention
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • American made
  • Strong durable high quality LED light mounting brackets

CJC Off Road LED Light Bar Mounting Brackets

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