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Power Steering Hoses

Borgeson Universal Power Steering Hose Kits

What are the signs I may need to replace my power steering hoses in my Dodge Ram truck?

  • If any of these warning signs are present then now is the time to address your power steering hoses. Your current power steering hoses are Brittle or Hard. Hard hoses are a signal that indicates the internal wear of your power steering hose. This warning sign means the line has now lost its ability to compensate for pressure changes produced by the power steering system.
  • Soft or Spongy hoses. A Soft tube indicates a more advanced sign of internal degradation, With the internal deterioration, your hose is probably also now leaking power steering fluid.
  • The presence of power steering fluid in the engine bay means that these lines are now leaking fluid from the ends at the compression fittings.
  • External Wear or Abrasion. This signals that these lines are have been in contact with another engine component and need to be replaced.
  • Thick discolored power steering fluid is caused by either the age of the power steering fluid or degradation of the power steering lines internal casings. We recommend an immediate change of the power steering lines and a complete fluid flush.
  • High temperatures and prolonged use cause the power steering hoses to deteriorate from the inside addressing this issue sooner rather than later will help prevent more costly repairs.

KLM Performance recommends a visual inspection of your power steering lines every 25,000 miles to help prevent more expensive repairs to the power steering system.

These Borgeson Universal Company power steering lines are MADE IN THE USA!

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