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Steering Shafts

Replacement Heavy Duty Intermediate Steering Shafts

Borgeson Universal Company

Borgeson Universal Company Manufacturers Heavy Duty American Made Replacement Steering Shafts for the Chevy, Ford, Jeep, and Dodge trucks. These superior steering assemblies are offered as a heavy duty direct bolt-in replacement option to improve the steering of your vehicle.

Dodge Ram Steering Shaft Assemblies

Ford Truck Steering Shaft Assemblies

Chevy GMC Steering Shaft Assemblies

Jeep Steering Shaft Assemblies

Before you fully understand the primary function of the Replacement steering shaft, it might help that you learn first some of the fundamentals of the steering system. First and foremost, you should know that a manual steering system incorporates a steering wheel and column, manual gearbox and pitman arm or a rack and pinion assembly, linkages, steering knuckles and ball joints and lastly, the wheel spindle assembly. Power steering systems add a hydraulic pump, fluid reservoir, hoses, line and a power assist unit that is mounted on or integral with a control assembly. You must also get yourself acquainted with several different manual steering gears.

Note that the steering wheel and column are the primary causes of injury to the driver. A range of energy-absorbing and non-intrusion designs developed lately to increase operator safety. Energy-absorbing steering shaft columns have to perform two functions. One to stop the steering wheel and column from being pushed to the rear when the front of the vehicle is crushed in an impact, and two to provide the operator with a tolerable impact as he moves towards the front and strikes the wheel with his chest. In the overall steering system, the steering shaft plays an important part in the safe and efficient control of the steering system. Bear in mind. However, that steering shaft will periodically wear out and function imperfectly. This time, you need to take the necessary action, and that is to replace it with a new one.

These Borgeson Heavy Duty Telescoping Intermediate Steering Shafts features:

  • Connect the factory column to the steering box.
  • The installation offers a simple way to regain the lost control of your vehicle.
  • Eliminates the condition known as " Steering Wander."
  • It contains a precision needle bearing universal joints.
  • A vibration reducer.
  • Built as a telescoping steering shaft.
  • Direct Bolt-On Replacement
  • Corrects the steering wander issues you are now experiencing
  • It provides tighter steering and better handling as soon as this new shaft is installed.

What is the Borgeson Steering Shaft Limited Warranty?

Borgeson will repair or replace, at our option, any replacement truck steering assembly found to be defective in either material or quality within the warranty period of Five Years or 50,000 miles. Any steering shaft assembly that has been abused, altered, or incorrectly installed is not covered under this warranty. Any steering parts used in competition are excluded from this warranty coverage.

KLM Performance is proud to offer these premium quality American-Made intermediate steering shaft products to help correct your steering issues.

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