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BD 412007

Baja Designs 412007 OnX6 20 Inch High Speed Spot Full Laser Light Bar

Baja Designs 10 Inch Full Laser Light Bar OnX6 411007

The Baja Designs 412007 OnX6 Laser Light Bar is Brighter, Bolder, Better than any other long-distance light bar on the market today. The OnX6 20' Laser Light Bar provides a highly concentrated light projection that is 350% farther than the OnX6 Hi-Power LED Light Bar. The OnX6 Laser puts an entirely new meaning to driving your vehicle at night at high speeds with incredible visibility to see what is ahead! New laser distance lighting technology from Baja Designs offers the most powerful long-distance light on the market at 6,000 lumens over 12 Laser Chips. The 1.5 degrees High-Speed Spot pattern allows for beams to travel distances unattainable by any LED or HID platform. OnX6 Full Laser Light Bar adopts industry standard sizing and is now compatible with aftermarket mounting systems. This package includes an industry-first 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee & Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This Baja Designs 412007 OnX6 20 Inch bar comes equipped with BMT – Battery Management Technology.

  • Eliminates Flickering with Low Voltage
  • Adds Protection From Dangerous Current Spikes
  • Prolongs Battery Life of Vehicle

The Industry Leading Baja Designs Features Incorporated In the 412007 OnX6:

Specifications of the 20" High-Speed Spot Full Laser Light Bar:

  • Wattage One Hundred Eighty Watts
  • Amperage Draw Of 13 Amps.
  • Produces 6000 Lumens with Six Laser Chips
  • Dimensions: 20" x 4.29" x 2.69"
  • Weight: 7.85 lbs
  • Laser Chip Set Life Expectancy: 2000 Hours
  • 5000K Daylight Output provides A Natural Color and Less Driver Fatigue.
  • Front Lens: Hard Coated Polycarbonate
  • Housing: Aircraft Grade Aluminum w/Mil-Spec Hard Anodize
  • Bezel: Billet Machined Aluminum
  • Hardware Bracket Material: Stainless Steel
  • Exceeds MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing)
  • Built-In Overvoltage Protection
  • IP69K (Waterproof up to 9ft Pressure Washable)
  • IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing)

20 Inch Full Laser Light Bar OnX6 Baja Designs Lightbar Includes:

  • One OnX6 20 Inch Laser Light Bar
  • One Pair Of Stainless Mounting Brackets
  • Stainless Steel mounting Hardware

NOTE: The OnX6 20" Lazer Light Bar is sold individually and does not contain a wire harness.  Wiring harness is sold separately so, please refer to the Baja Designs Wiring Harnesses. Baja Designs provides multiple different weatherproof harnesses to meet your exact installation requirements!

This Baja Designs 412007 OnX6 20 Inch High Speed Spot Full Laser Light Bar is Made In American

  • Item Number: BD 412007 OnX6 20 Laser Light Bar 
  • Manufacturer Part No: Baja Designs 412007
  • Product Application: Any vehicle requiring additional Hi-Power Ultra long-distance auxiliary lighting
  • Height: 10
  • Width: 6
  • Brand: Baja Designs
  • FAQ: What is so special about the Laser Light Bar?  As an industry leader in lighting technology Baja Designs has done it again with the first full Laser LED Light Bar. The Baja Designs engineers have incorporated Laser Chip Sets with their patented High-Speed Spot reflector to achieve unheard-of distances from a light!
  • Part Number: 412007
  • Manufacturer: Baja Designs
  • Beam Pattern: Baja Designs 412007 OnX6 20 Inch High-Speed Spot Full Laser Light Bar has redefined the future of forward projection lighting with Six Laser chip sets produces an extremely tight 1.5° pattern, and distance that is untouchable by any LED or HID platform on the market today. The Laser High-Speed Spot beam pattern is a longer and narrower 1.5° beam focus for the longest distance illumination.  The Baja Designs High-Speed Spot pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with additional Wide Driving or Driving/Combo beam lights for increased safety and broad area illumination. 
  • Product Note: This 412007 High-Speed Spot Beam LED Light Bar provides a One and a Half Degree high power cone of long-distance illumination. The Spot pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with additional beam patterns for full-spectrum lighting.

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