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Baja Designs 613609 55" Universal Splitter Kit


Baja Designs 613609

Baja Designs 613609 55" Universal Splitter Kit

Baja Designs 613609 Wire Harness Splitter Kit

The Baja Designs 613609 Universal 55" Single Light Splitter Kit

The 613609 Splitter allows you to add lights easily to your lighting system with a weatherproof sealed connector.

This 613609 OnX, S8, XL Pro, and XL Sport 55" Universal Splitter Kit features:

  • Will allow seamless wiring of additional light.
  • Designed as a Plug and Play Splitter using weather pack connectors to plug into a Baja Designs wiring harness circuit.
  • The 55" length allows you to mount the additional light where you need it most.
  • This prefabricated wire harness splitter is designed to easily wire one more light into an existing circuit.

Baja Designs 613609 LED Universal Wiring Harness Splitter applications:

  • OnX6 LED Light Bar
  • S8 LED Light Bar
  • XL Pro
  • XL Sport
  • XL 80
  • Squadron Pro
  • Squadron Sport

This wire harness splitter can be used with the Baja Designs 447550 when installing LED lights on a Ford Raptor.

This 55 Inch Long Splitter Kit allows you to integrate an additional light into a circuit of lights using the secure Weatherproof, Weather Pack connectors. This Baja Designs product uses proven connectors to ensure your light warranty by minimizing the possibility of water or containers entering the wire harness.

  • Engine: NA
  • Item Number: Baja Designs 613609
  • Make
  • Model
  • Manufacturer Part No: 613609
  • Product Application: Any vehicle requiring the easy installation of additional lighting into an existing circuit. This 613609 is designed for use when installing any of these Baja Designs Lights OnX6 Series, S8 Series XL Pro, or XL Sport Series LED Lights.
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: Baja Designs
  • FAQ: Does this provide a secure weatherproof means to install an additional light into an existing circuit? Yes, the Baja Designs 613609 55" Universal Splitter Harness provides a straightforward means to install any additional Light.
  • Part Number: 613609
  • Manufacturer: Baja Designs
  • Beam Pattern: This Baja Designs Universal Light Splitter works with all Beam Patterns available from Baja Designs.
  • Product NoteA Splitter will speed the installation of new lights wherever may require additional lighting. Baja Designs offers these splitter kits which enable an easy way to upgrade your lighting power with other high performance LED lights or light bars.