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Baja Designs 640127

Baja Designs 640127 Automotive Wire Harness

Baja Designs 640127 Rear Tail LIght RTL Automotive Harness

Baja Designs Automotive Wire Harness For Rear Tail Lights

This Baja Designs 640127 Automotive Wire Harness is specially designed for use on Trucks and Automobiles.

This Baja Designs Automotive Jumper Harness provides a clean, simple weatherproof means to power the installation of your RTL LED light bar.

This 640127 LED Lightbar Wire Harness from Baja Designs is approved for use on the:

  • Baja Designs Lights Only
  • Baja Designs RTL Lights 
  • Baja Designs RTL-B Lights 
  • Baja Designs RTL-G Lights 
  • Baja Designs RTL-S Lights 
  • Baja Designs RTL-M Lights 

Features of the 640127 Baja Designs LED Lightbar Wiring Harness

  • Automotive harness designed for someone looking for a wire harness that is long enough to reach to the rear of your car or truck and power an RTL.
  • The 640127 wire harness features high-quality sheathing, and a relay to power all LED Light functions.
  • Wire Harness allows the use of the running light, brake, and cargo/reverse light.
  • If you have purchased an RTL-S, please obtain the 640130 harnesses with the jumpers to tap into your turn signals with full control of the turn signal function of the RTL-S light bar.
  • This jumper harness features a Heavy duty wire gauge that can handle the RTL Rear Tail Light LED Light Bar.
  • This is a long length harness jumper harness for use in concurrence with the 640130 wire harness.
  • The harness provides power to the RTL LED light bar. 
  • Straightforward and secure installation is assured when you purchase the 64-0130 Wire Harness.
  • Takes all the guesswork out of installation and is produced with incredibly high quality suited for race use!

The 64-0127 LED Lightbar Wiring Harness is a jumper wiring harness required for integration of your OEM turn signals into the Baja Designs LED Light Bars.

The Baja Designs RTL Automotive Wire Harness is MADE IN THE USA!

BBaja Designs 640127 Rear Tail LIght RTL Automotive Harness



  • Item Number: BD 640127
  • Make: : Universal
  • Manufacturer Part No: BD 640127
  • Product Application: Automotive Wire Harness For RTL and RTL-M LED Light Bar Installation.
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: Baja Designs
  • FAQ: Why should I use this Baja Designs RTL 640127 Wire Harness? This RTL Automotive wire harness provides a safe, durable, weatherproof wire harness that is long enough to reach to the rear of your car or truck and power the RTL series lights.
  • Part Number: 640127
  • Manufacturer: Baja Designs
  • Product Note: This Baja Designs 640127 Wire Harness provides a straightforward means to install your RTL or RTL-M Lightbar on the rear of your car or truck.

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