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Baja Designs

BD 660060

Baja Designs 660060 XL Pro XL80 Off Road Mode Switch Wire Harness

Baja Designs 660060 Off-Road Wire Harness Switch 

This Baja Designs wire harness allows you to utilize the built-in dimming feature found on the XL Pro and XL80 LED lights when they are installed on a Motorcycle. Lights. This motorcycle switch will easily dim the light from full brightness to a twenty percent output level. Please keep in mind our lights are not DOT approved or street legal. It is up to rider discretion if being used on the street.
The Baja Designs 660060 Wire Harness Switch contains:

  • One Push Button Switch
  • Wiring Harness with Plug and Play connector
  • This includes one bullet connector that goes directly to your Motorcycle Light 
  • A ring terminal that goes to a frame/chassis ground.

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