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Baja Designs 660087 Squadron Dual Sport Dimmer


Baja Designs 660087

Baja Designs 660087 Squadron Dual Sport Dimmer

Baja Designs Squadron Series LED Auxillary Light Dimmer

The Baja Designs Squadron Series LED lights offer the highest light output on the market from a compact size LED light.  Sometimes this incredible light output of the Squadron Series is just too bright auxiliary lights are too bright or have too wide of a lighting pattern to operate at full power during the day or under certain road conditions.

The Squadron Series LED Lights produce 1800 to 4900 lumens. The Squadron output level is dependent upon the Squadron series LED light chosen. This incredible Lumen output rating comes from a small light housing which is less than a 3.5" cube.

The installation of a Baja Designs 660087 Squadron Dual Sport Dimmer allows you to conveniently set the brightness of your Squadron LED lights to adapt to the current conditions. This plug and play dimmer is an inline installation used to control the light output to the following levels.

Baja Designs 660087 Squadron Dual Sport Dimmer Output Levels:

  • Four Percent Output
  • One Hundred Percent Output

Baja Designs 660087 Squadron Dual Sport Dimmer works on these Baja Designs Squadron LED Lights:

  • Engine: All motor vehicles using the Baja Designs 
  • Item Number: Baja Designs 660087
  • Make:
  • Model: 
  • Manufacturer Part No: 660087
  • Product Application: This Dimmer Switch is designed specifically to work with the Baja Designs Squadron Racer Series, All Squadron Pro Series Lights and the Squadron Sport Series LED Lights. 
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: Baja Designs
  • FAQ: Can I use this 10"-30" UTV Rocker Switch Wire Harness to power a LED different series of the Baja Designs LED Lights?  NO, this dimmer switch is specifically designed to handle the power requirements of the Squadron Series LED lights and cannot be used with other LED lights
  • Part Number: 660087
  • Manufacturer: Baja Designs
  • Beam Pattern: This Baja Designs Harness will supply power to the beam pattern of your choice within the recommended series of LED Lights. 
  • Product Note The Baja Designs 660087 Plug and Play Squadron Dual Sport Dimmer Switch Wiring Harness allows for the fast, simple, and weatherproof means to control the light output level of the entire Squadron Series LED Lights on your vehicle.