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Baja Designs LED Horizontail Mount

Baja Designs LED Horizontal Mount


Baja Designs Horizontal Mounting Brackets for LED Lights

LED Horizontal Mount Specifications and Features

  • Quickly and easily install LED lights directly to your roll bar tubing.
  • Black anodized mounts offer corrosion resistance
  • Available in 1.5”, 1.75” and 2” sizes.
  • It provides an easy way to mount a wide variety of Baja Designs LED lights.
  • These A-Pillar Brackets allow LED lighting to be installed directly to the tubing of your vehicles roll cage, door bars or bumper.
  • These brackets have been angled to give you a nice flat mounting.
  • Brackets allow lights to be aimed in the direction of your choice.
  • A 10-millimeter mounting hole is pre-drilled for easy installation of the LED light of your choice.

Baja Designs LED Light Horizontal Mounting Brackets options:

  • 617710 LED Horizontal Mount 2.0" diameter tubing.
  • 617708 LED Horizontal Mount 1.75" diameter tubing.
  • 617705 LED Horizontal Mount 1.50" diameter tubing.

These Baja Design Horizontal Mounts for tubing and roll cages are MADE IN THE USA!

  • engine 
  • Flow Rate:
  • Item Number: Baja Designs LED Horizontal Mount
  • Make: : Universal
  • model 
  • Year: 1
  • Manufacturer Part No: Baja Designs LED Horizontal Mount
  • Product Application: LED Light Horizontal Mounting Brackets
  • Height: 8
  • Width: 4
  • Brand: Baja Designs
  • FAQ:
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer: Baja Designs
  • Beam Pattern:
  • Product Note: LED Horizontal Mounting brackets for LED Lights on your ball bar are available in three sizes.

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