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FASS Fuel Systems

FASS FA D10 220G

FASS Adjustable Diesel Fuel Lift Pump Dodge Ram Cummins 1994-1998

Flow Rate

FASS Adjustable Diesel Fuel Lift Pump Dodge Cummins 1994 to 1998                                      




FASS Dodge Cummins Diesel Engine Adjustable Fuel Pressure Lift Pump

These FASS Dodge Adjustable Diesel Fuel Lift Pump applications:

  • 1994 to 1998 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 12 Valve Diesel Engines

These FASS Adjustable Diesel Fuel Lift Pumps are available in the following variants to meet your engine's power level.

This FASS adjustable fuel pump is designed for use on the 1994 to 1998 Dodge trucks equipped with the 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins diesel engines. The FASS FA Series Lift pump is designed as an extremely versatile high performance adjustable fuel pump to meet the demands of the Cummins turbo diesel engines. Manufactured as an adjustable fuel pressure pump with diesel fuel delivery rates of 125 to 240 gallons per hours. You can be sure these is a FASS adjustable fuel pump will meet the needs of your motor. These Dodge adjustable fuel pressure pumps allow you to tailor your fuel pressure delivery rates to 45 PSI. These FASS Fuel Systems Adjustable Diesel Fuel Lift Pumps also feature a built in a boost compensation port, air pressure from your intake manifold raises fuel pressures while under full throttle, maintaining fuel pressure when it matters most.

The FASS Dodge 12 Valve Cummins adjustable fuel pressure diesel fuel pump benefits:

  • Allows you to bypass the weak failure prone OEM lift pump.
  • Designed for the Cummins Diesel with the VE injection pump.
  • Flows the advertised fuel pressure of eight to ten PSI right out of the box.
  • Offers the ability to adjust the Fuel Pressure to your required setting.
  • Adjustable fuel pump offers fuel pressure adjustments from 1 PSI to 45 PSI.  
  • The Fuel Flow rates of this diesel fuel lift pump are tied to your desired fuel pressure output.
  • Works on Stock to Extreme powered Cummins diesel vehicles.
  • Improves Fuel Flow rate to the injection pump to ensure proper lubrication.
  • Boost Compensation Port is included in this lift pump.
  • Pump features a built-in fuel pressure gauge port.
  • Application Specific Fuel Delivery Rates meet your exact engine requirements.
  • Approved and recommended for use with Bio-Diesel and or Vegetable Oil Fuel Systems. 
  • Sold as complete kits including all required hardware for installation.
  • Backed by a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

These FASS FA Series High Performance Dodge 12 Valve Adjustable Fuel Pump systems include:

  •  Sold as a complete kit ready for installation.
  •  All the hoses and fittings
  •  Mounting hardware and  instructions
  •  Warranty paperwork
  •  Application specific wiring harness

This FASS FA D10 Series Fuel Pump is a fuel pump only and must be used with your factory fuel filter. It is suggested that all pumps be adjusted only if you have installed a fuel pressure gauge, for questions please contact usfor more information.

These  FASS FA D10 Series Dodge Diesel adjustable fuel pumps are MADE IN THE USA!

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  • Product Application: 1994 to 1998 Dodge 12 Valve Cummins 5.9L Diesel engines
  • Height: 26
  • Width: 6
  • Brand: FASS
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