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FASS Fuel Systems


FASS T 220G for Class 8 Vehicles

FASS HD Series 220G Class 8 Fuel SystemFASS T 220G - CLASS 8 FASS SYSTEM
T - Titanium Series - Class 8 Semi Section

FASS Titanium Series T 220 GPH Fuel Pump @ 16 PSI for Class 8 Vehicles

This FASS Titanium Series T 220G Fuel Air Separation System for Class 8 flows 220 Gallon Per Hour at 16 PSI.

This Titanium Series T 220G fuel pump is recommended for Engines Equipped with ECM Type or Distributor Pump Fuel Injection Systems.

This FASS T 220 Fuel Air Separation System diesel fuel pump applies to these applications:

    * CATERPILLAR Models A,B,C,E, & C Electronic Engines,
    * CATERPILLAR ACERT 600+ HP Engines
    * CUMMINS M11, N14 Fully Electronic & ISX engines over 600HP
    * CUMMINS ISX 600+HP
    * DETROIT DIESEL SERIES 50 & 60, and MACK Engines.

The Titanium Series T 220G kit does not include fuel lines & fittings due to the fact there are so many engine, chassis, fuel supply lines & fuel tank configurations.

The FASS T 220G CLASS 8 Fuel Air Separation System is MADE IN THE USA!
FASS Titanium Series T 220G Class 8 Fuel System
  • engine:
  • Flow Rate:
  • Item Number: 24
  • Make: :
  • Model:
  • Year:
  • Manufacturer Part No: FASS T 220G
  • Product Application:
  • Height: 12
  • Width: 18
  • Brand: FASS
  • FAQ:
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Beam Pattern:
  • Product Note:

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