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FASS Titanium Series Diesel Fuel Lift Pump Class 8 Semi UIM Truck

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FASS Titanium Series Class 8 Semi UIM Fuel Pump

FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series Diesel Fuel Air Separation System Lift Pump

The FASS Titanium Series, diesel fuel pumps, are designed to provide advanced fuel filtration, superior fuel flow, and maximum reliability.  Without having clean diesel fuel supplied at the proper fuel pressure and fuel flow rate your diesel engines performance is not being optimized. You need to get FASSED to have the maximum fuel economy and performance of your engine. The FASS Titanium for Class 8 Semi’s fuel pumps deliver rate at 16 to 18 PSI makes it an industry leading lift pump. The FASS T UIM lift pump effectively removes all types of destructive fuel contaminants from your diesel fuel delivery system. A FASS Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation System will increase your diesel engines horsepower and fuel economy while lowering your operating expenses.

The FASS Titanium Series Semi Tractor Trailer Diesel lift pump applications:

  • MERCEDES MBE - 4000


  • Unmodified Class 8 semi UIM trucks require the fuel delivery rate of the 150gph  T UIM 150G fuel pump.
  • Diesel engines with increased power levels may need the higher flow rates offered by the FASS T UIM 220G or 260G model fuel pumps.
  • Class 8 semi trucks with a stock a Caterpillar C16 or Cummins ISX Signature 600 engines will need a fuel air separation system with a higher fuel flow rate provided by the FASS T 220G.
  • Class 8 semi trucks with Unit Injected Mechanical (UIM), fuel injection systems, require the use of an additional oil pressure switch. This oil pressure switch part number 78143 is in all of the Titanium UIM Kits for proper engine operation.
  • All FASS Titanium Series Lift Pump for the Class 8 applications do not contain a fuel line kit. Please visit our Fuel Line Kits page for fitment options.
  • Class 8 semi trucks with a stock a Caterpillar C16 or Cummins ISX Signature 600 engines will require a fuel air separation system with a higher fuel flow rate.
  • Please see these two FASS Titanium Series lift pumps to meet your engine's fuel supply needs - FASS T UIM 220G

The FASS T UIM Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation System provides advanced fuel filtration which removes diesel fuel contaminants such as:

  • Entrained Water
  • Emulsified Water
  • Dirt, Debris, and Sediment
  • Air
  • Vapor

 The advanced diesel fuel filtration provided by a FASS Titanium Series offers these benefits:

  • Titanium Lift Pumps offers the Class 8 Semi diesel owners the cleanest burning fuel possible.
  • FASS diesel fuel pumps provide clean diesel fuel filtered down to a 3-micron level.
  • The FASS fuel pump will help extend the life of your Fuel Injectors and Fuel Injection system.
  • Fuel Air Separation Systems eliminate the wear and tear of your injectors caused by air and vapor trapped in diesel fuel.
  • Increase fuel economy.
  • Reduces engine noise.
  • Provides increased throttle response by providing the fuel injection with the correct fuel pressure and delivery rate.
  • Your diesel fuel is continuously being filtered to remove dirt, air, vapor, and water.
  • This diesel fuel filtration process ensures that your diesel truck always has the freshest and cleanest fuel possible.

The Titanium Series T Class 8 diesel fuel pump features:

  • Larger Water Separator
  • New Gun Metal Grey Color
  • 4 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Sold as a complete kit ready for installation.

The FASS Titanium Series Class 8 Semi UIM diesel fuel pumps are available in Multiple Flow rates to support the power level of your diesel.

  • FASS T UIM 150G provides 150 Gallons per hour at 16 psi for trucks with Stock To Moderate Horsepower

  • FASS T UIM 220G provides 220 Gallons per hour at 16 psi for the trucks with Moderate to Extreme Horsepower

  • FASS T UIM 260G provides 220 Gallons per hour at 16 psi for the vehicles with Super Extreme Horsepower

FASS Titanium Series Systems diesel fuel pumps support Stock to Highly Modified Diesel engines. The installation of High-Performance aftermarket modifications such as Performance Chips, Injectors, Fuel Injection Pump, Turbocharger and other products that increase fuel demand can be supported with the proper FASS fuel pump. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions which Titanium Series fuel pump fits the needs of your engine.

All FASS Titanium Series Class 8 Semi diesel fuel pumps now include the following FASS features and technology:

  • FASS Silencing Technology to help reduce down the noise created by installing and using an aftermarket fuel separation unit. By using radius cuts, tight tolerances on all gears.

  • FASS Performance Radius Cuts are an advanced machining technique that improves the flow of fuel by creating smooth flowing cuts within the aluminum housing, to prevent turbulence in the flowing fuel and the reintroduction of air and vapor back into the fuel supply.

  • FASS Mass Fuel Flow Return technology is used to Polish the fuel continually by keeping a positive pressure on the fuel supplied and returned to the tank for additional treatment.

The FASS Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation Systems for the Class 8 Semi diesel engines are MADE IN THE USA!

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  • Flow Rate: 0
  • Item Number: FASS Class 8 Semi UIM Trucks Titanium Series Fuel Pump18
  • Make: :
  • Model:
  • Year:
  • Manufacturer Part No: FASS Class 8 Semi UIM Trucks Titanium Series Fuel Pump
  • Product Application: Over the road trucks with Stock to Super Extreme Power
  • Height: 11
  • Width: 14
  • Brand: FASS
  • FAQ:
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