Mopar 68044565AB

Mopar 68044565AB Turbocharger Cleaner

Mopar Replacement 68044565AB Turbo Cleaner

The Mopar 68044565AB  turbocharger cleaner is used to remove the carbon and soot deposits from the nozzle on the discharge side/hot side of your 6.7L Cumins VGT turbocharger. The Mopar turbocharger cleaning solution removes the soot buildup around the nozzle sliding surfaces. As the clearances open up on the nozzle ring it may start to get sticky and cause performance issues. Cleaning of the turbocharger helps to prevent this condition.

The use of the Mopar 68044565AB Turbocharger Cleaner is recommended at the time you replace your Mopar 68002433ACCCV Crankcase Vent Filter 2007.5+ Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins

The Mopar 68044565AB Turbocharger Cleaner supersedes:

  • Mopar 68044565AA Turbocharger Cleaner

Why do I need to use the Mopar 68044565AB Turbocharger Cleaner

Mopar 68044565AB Turbo Cleaner cleans and unblocks dirty turbochargers.
The use of the Mopar 68044565AB Turbocharger Cleaner produces a foam, which has a long-lasting cleaning effect to remove the built-up deposits on the surface of the turbo. The application of the Mopar 68044565AB Turbocharger Cleaner will unblock dirty a dirty variable vane turbocharger with or without dismantling. This Mopar cleaner dissolves gum, lacquer, tar, carbon, and varnish. Regular use restores turbo power to its original output level. it increases engine efficiency by restoring the correct air/fuel ratio. the Mopar 68044565AB Turbocharger Cleaner is harmless to exhaust gas after-treatment systems.

The Turbocharger Cleaner is approved for use on all gasoline and diesel-powered engines with a turbocharger.

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