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Mopar 68492616AA

Mopar 68492616AA 3.0L Diesel Oil Filter Jeep Ram 1500

Mopar 68492616AA Oil Filter for the 3.0L Diesel engines.

This 3.0L Diesel Oil Filter is known as the Mopar 68492616AA Oil Filter Cartridge. The 3.0L oil filter fits 2014 to Current Model Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Ram 1500 with the EcoDiesel V6 engine. VM Motori manufactures this 3.0L EcoDiesel engine in Italy. This diesel engine has a recommended 10,000-mile change interval, so the use of the proper oil filter cartridge is vital for engine longevity and preservation of your factory warranty. The 3.0L EcoDiesel engine integrates an electronic service monitoring system to notify owners when they require an oil and filter change.

These Mopar 68492616AA Ecodiesel 3.0L Oil Filter applications:

  • 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2014 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2015 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2016 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2017 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2018 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2019 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2020 Dodge Ram 1500

Mopar 68492616AA Oil Filter Service Interval of the 3.0L EcoDiesel engine:

  • As indicated by the oil change monitor in the instrument cluster display.
  • A Maximum of 10,000 miles or 12-month change interval.
  • The use of Biodiesel blends greater than B5 tends to cause increased fuel dilution rates in the engine oil, so do not ignore service adjustment listed.
  • When using biodiesel blends greater than B5, please do NOT follow the engine oil change monitor as it will not compensate for interval adjustment. The driver must keep track of mileage and service intervals accordingly.
  • A Maximum of 8,000 miles or 6-month oil change interval when using biodiesel blends greater than B5 plus diesel fuel blends.

The Chrysler 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine offers an efficient, environmentally friendly diesel engine without sacrificing capability or performance. To ensure correct extended operation, a clean supply of oil is necessary, so make sure you have the Mopar 68492616AA diesel oil filters on hand.

The Mopar 68492616AA now supersedes the following now discontinued oil filters:

  • Mopar 68109834AA 3.0L Oil Filter.
  • Mopar 68229402AA 3.0L Oil Filter.


  • Engine: 3.0L EcoDiesel
  • Item Number: Mopar 68492616AA
  • Make:  Dodge | Jeep | Ram
  • Model: 1500 | Grand Cherokee
  • Year: 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020
  • Manufacturer Part No68492616AA
  • Product Application: 2014 to 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 3.0L V6 EcoDiesel engine.
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: MOPAR
  • FAQ: Are these the OEM Mopar Filters? Yes, these are the OEM filters required to perform a fuel filter and oil change on your 3.0L Eco-Diesel engine,
  • Part Number: 68492616AA
  • Manufacturer: Mopar
  • Product Note: The Mopar 68492616AA oil filter cartridge ensures your engine's extended operation with a clean supply of oil.  

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