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FASS XWS-3002XL Extended Length Fuel Water Separator Filter

FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Signature Series Replacement Extreme Water Separator XWS-3002XL Extended Length

This New Extended Length FASS Fuel Filter is now available for sale! 

This FASS Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation Diesel Fuel Filer is sold as a FASS WXS-3002XL Two Micron rated diesel fuel water separator filter. FASS has discontinued the sale of the FASS FS-1001 diesel fuel water separator filter. Your replacement filter will now be installed in the prior location of the diesel fuel filter for proper fuel filtration. 

FASS Fuel/Water Separator WXS-3002XL Applications:

  • FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series Lift Pump with the Gun Metal Grey Titanium Model
  • FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Signature Series Lift Pump 

    This FASS Titanium Signature Series Fuel Air Separation Diesel Fuel Filer is sold as an XWS-3002XL Two Micron rated diesel fuel water separator filter.

    The FASS XWS-3002XL Hydroglass Extreme Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter benefits:

    • Removal of Emulsified Water
    • Removal of Entrained Water
    • Filtration down to a Two Micron Level.
    • Improved Water Removal from your diesel fuel.
    • This is a direct replacement fuel/water separator for the FASS Titanium Series and Titanium Signature Series lift pump systems
    • This new FASS fuel filter has a diesel fuel flow rate of twenty-five gallons per minute at one hundred PSI.
    • This larger filter offers a higher diesel fuel contaminant level holding capacity.

    Your FASS lift pump has a suggested filter change interval of 15,000 to 30,000 miles. This FASS XWS-3002XL  filter interval can be reduced due to the following conditions:

    • Use of fuel with high water content.
    • Use of poor quality fuel
    • Use of Bio-Diesel
    • Use of Vegetable Oil

      How does the Hydroglass filtration media work?

      This Hydroglass filter removes common contaminants such as dirt, dust, and rust while absorbing any water that may be present in your fuel. The super-absorbent media absorbs water while allowing fuel to pass through the filter. When the media swells, the flow is restricted, telling you that the filter needs to be changed. The spin-on design makes changing out your filter quicker and easier than ever. 

      The supply of Clean, uncontaminated fuel is key to maximum fuel system performance and longevity for modern diesel engines. Without high-quality fuel filtration and regularly scheduled service, fuel contamination can lead to costly repairs and engine downtime. A fuel cleanliness study found that more than 50% of fuel used worldwide does not meet the suggested industry cleanliness levels. Fuel injection system suppliers today require that fuel entering the fuel injection system have ISO cleanliness levels as low as 11/8/3*. Dirt and contaminant removal and effective fuel/water separation with high quality, filtration reduces component wear and creates optimized fuel atomization and engine power.

      NOTE: The use of Bio-Diesel, Vegetable Oil, and Blended Fuels can significantly reduce the life expectancy of your FASS fuel filters. Please note the lower the micron rating on the fuel filter the more water the filter can remove from your diesel fuel. The New and Improved FASS XWS-3002XL fuel filter does not contain a petcock for water removal.

      We strongly recommend keeping a spare set of FASS Titanium Series Replacement Filters in your truck is far cheaper than calling for a tow.  

      • Engine:Any diesel engine running a FASS Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel pump
      • Flow Rate From95 to 260 Gallons Per Hour
      • Filter Type: Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter - Non-Drainable
      • Item Number: XWS-3002XL
      • Make: Universal
      • Model 
      • Year 
      • Manufacturer Part No XWS-3002XL
      • Product Application: All FASS Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation Systems With the Gun Metal Gray Bodies
      • Height: 4
      • Width: 8
      • Brand: FASS
      • FAQ: Is this FASS Titanium Signature Series Filter a drainable filter? No, this FASS filter does not contain a drain valve. 
      • Part Number: XWS-3002XL
      • Manufacturer: FASS
      • Product Note: The New and Improved FASS XWS-3002XL extreme extended length fuel filter does not contain a petcock for water removal. KLM Performance strongly suggests keeping a spare set of filters onboard your vehicle at all times!

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