What is a Lift Pump?

The lift pump is fuel supply pump which provides a reduction in friction loss as the fuel is supplied form the fuel tank to your injection pump.

Why should you install a Lift Pump?

The installation of an aftermarket lift pump provides many benefits to engine life span and operating cost reductions.

  • Having the proper lift pump extends the lifespan of your engine, especially since it reduces the work load of your entire fuel injection system and all components. The ability to provide the proper fuel flow rates under all operating conditions prevents fuel starvation to the fuel injection pump and the fuel injectors.
  • The OEM lift pump was designed to support OEM power levels only.
  • Any increase to the engines power output level needs to be supported by the correct lift pump designed to supply both the proper fuel delivery rate and fuel pressure to the fuel injection pump and fuel injectors.
  • A majority of customers want improved engine performance and fuel economy.
  • The addition of a new high performance lift pump increases your engine performance level by providing constant fuel delivery rates.
  • The OEM lift pump was not designed to provide the fuel delivery required by an engine modification. This is one of the main reasons why an aftermarket diesel lift pump is installed on your vehicle.

How does it works?

A lift pump is a fuel supply pump that takes fuel from your vehicles fuel tank and increases the fuel pressure and delivery rate. This increased fuel delivery rate and pressure is then supplied to your fuel injection pump for increased engine performance. Aftermarket High-flow fuel pumps provide a greater amount of fuel flow to the engine. This fuel delivery rate is measured in gallons per hour or GPH.


One very important consideration when installing an aftermarket lift pump is too match the fuel delivery rate with the engines horsepower rating. Buying a bigger pump than what you need is not desirable.


How would you go about it?

The goal of the modification is to increase the amount of fuel that’s being injected into the engine. You would need to start this process by increasing fuel flow with computer programming (newer models) or by installing high-flow injectors. With the engine demanding more fuel, you’ll inevitably need to upgrade your pump. Bad fuel pressure means less horsepower and, in some cases, damage to the injection pump.


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