FASS Replacement Fuel Filters

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FASS Replacement Fuel Filters

Replacement Fuel Filters for your FASS fuel system lift pump.

FASS fuel filters offer premium diesel fuel filtration to keep your fuel injection system running cleanly while allowing the engine to operate at its most efficient power level. KLM Performance stocks the Fass fuel and water separator filters you need to service your diesel fuel pump. Ensure a clean flow of fuel by changing your FASS Fuel Filter on a regular basis. For the best engine performance possible remember to change your FASS diesel fuel filters at regular intervals. The Fass filters are available individually or as a filter set.

Fass Fuel Filters are available for the following FASS series fuel lift pumps:

FASS Fuel Filter change maintenance suggestions to ensure the best engine performance possible:

  • Remember to change your FASS lift pump filters at regular intervals.
  • FASS Fuel Filter change intervals are between 15,000 to 30,000 miles based on fuel quality.
  • Keeping a spare set of FASS replacement filters in your truck is far cheaper than calling for a tow!
  • Regular draining of your fuel water separator will help ensure trouble-free operation.
  • The smaller the filter the less capacity the filter has to hold the diesel fuel contaminants.

KLM Performance recommends that you verify that you are ordering the correct filters for your fuel pump. If you didn't remember when you did your last FASS filter change was performed then, it's now time for a filter service. KLM Performance recommends purchasing two sets of filters at one time so that you always have a spare set of replacement FASS filters on hand! 

NOTE: FASS has implemented a number of model upgrades throughout the years as their premium quality product line has evolved. This has led to the discontinuation of multiple prior required filters for their lift pumps. We at KLM Performance have made a valid effort to support the older pumps with filters that are no longer available from FASS. These discontinued filters are sold without the FASS Logo in order to keep your engine running. Please read all of the detailed descriptive text relating to the diesel fuel filter you are looking for. This descriptive text is presented to avoid any miscommunication about what filter you will receive for your FASS lift pump! 

NOTE: If you have a question regarding the FASS Fuel Filters you need, please feel free to contact us or give us a call.