Pitman Arm

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Pitman Arm

Replacement Pitman Arms and Drop Pitman Arm

What does a Pitman Arm Do?

The Pitman arm is a vital steering component that connects the steering linkage to the steering box. The Pitman Arm is attached directly to the Sector Shaft in your Steering Box.  The Pitman Arm is used to convert the angular motion of the sector shaft into the linear motion needed to steer the wheels. The pitman arm is supported by the sector shaft and supports the drag link or center link with a ball joint. A pitman arm transmits the motion it receives from the steering box into the drag link causing it to move left or right to turn the wheels in the appropriate direction. The idler arm is attached between the opposite side of the center link from the Pitman arm and the vehicle's frame to hold the center or drag link at the proper height. A worn ball joint can cause play in the steering and may get worse over time.

Lifting your vehicle's ride height takes more than just adding taller springs or blocks. Complete the job correctly with a Drop Pitman Arm. When you raise your vehicle, the steering linkage angles become more extreme and are influenced by suspension travel. The Drop Pitman Arm helps reduce the angle of your drag link when a suspension system or lift kit is installed.

We at KLM Performance recommend the installation of a Drop Pitman Arm when you have raised the ride height of the vehicle over three inches! 

The use of a dropped pitman arm which matches your increased ride height will:

  • Help eliminate bump steer.
  • Improve the handling of your vehicle.
  • Improve your vehicle's steering system response.
  • Reduce Steering Wander.
  • Correct the interaction between your suspension and steering system.
  • Custom-made to fit your exact year make and model.
  • Installation of a Drop Pitmen Arm Improves the operating angle of your drag link.
  • A drop pitman arm brings your drag link back to a near parallel position in relation to the track bar. 

The installation of the proper pitman arm is vital for any lifted truck.

If you have any questions about what Drop Pitman Arm is required for your vehicle please feel free to contact us for assistance.