Automotive Sensors

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Automotive Sensors

Automotive Engine Sensors

What jobs do the engines sensors used in an automotive engine do?

The ECM, engine computer, or Electronic Control Module relies upon the input and output of the engine's sensors to control the engine's operation. Today the modern motor and its operation are controlled by a sensor. These engine sensors control your engine idle speed, fuel consumption, power output, and emissions.

On most modern engines, the Check Engine Light is illuminated when an issue arises relating to engine performance.  When an engine sensor fails, the check engine light comes on to let you know of a problem. The engine will then use a preset signal in place of the faulty sensor or improper engine operation to alert the operator of the issue. The list of engine sensors and their names is vast. Here are just a few of these names.

What types of engine sensors are there?

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NOTE: All Engine Sensors are Electrical Component which is considered Non-Returnable Item. Please make sure you have ordered the correct engine sensor. Sensors are regarded as electrical components, and these sensors are non-returnable items! If you have a question about a sensor-related problem, please feel free to give us a call or Contact Us.