Water Pumps

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Water Pumps

Replacement Water Pumps

Your Engines Water Pump does more than supply coolant through your engine. It also is the source of heat for your vehicle's heating system. The Water Pump sends the engine's coolant through your engine block and passageways to remove the heat in the block and cylinder head that are generated by the firing of your pistons. Your water pump then sends this heated water to your radiator that is mounted in the front of your engine to reduce the coolant's temperature.

Signs of Water Pump Failure

These are common signals that you are now having an issue with your vehicle's water pump. If you are wondering what the life span of your water pump is? The durability of how long your water pump will last is based primarily on time and vehicle usage.  The common symptoms of water pump failure are listed below to help identify when a replacement may be required.

Water Pump Impeller Damage:

One of the prime components of the water pump mechanism is its impeller. An impeller breakdown is one of the top signs of water pump failure. You need to inspect the water pump mechanism to check for this symptom. A damaged water pump impeller is best taken care of with an immediate water pump replacement. There is no point in going for repairs on the water pump since the other items are also worn, and the replacement will restore all water pump components in one simple operation.

Coolant Leakage:

Your water pump may be in full working condition, but if you see an engine coolant on the front of the motor or a puddle on the ground, this issue needs immediate attention. Leaking coolant will place a higher burden on the vehicle's entire cooling system. A loss of coolant means you are now low on the fluid required to cool the engine. That's why, if you notice a coolant leak, it is necessary that you get the coolant assembly checked. Some vehicles have a water pump seal that fails and causes this symptom to appear.

Higher than a normal engine operating temperatures:

If you notice that the engine has overheated, then one of the prime causes that may lead to this car problem is a water pump failure. If this symptom arises, you must get the water pump checked as soon as possible. Ignoring this issue will eventually lead to a major engine failure.

Without the pump in working condition, the coolant mechanism is useless. Water pump problems need immediate attention. Knowing these prime symptoms of water pump failure will help you prevent a major breakdown due to engine overheating. Make it a point to check the water pump functioning, as a part of your periodic vehicle maintenance and servicing procedure.