Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter

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Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter

Diesel Fuel Water Separation Filters

KLM Performance supplies premium quality diesel fuel water separator filters from AirDog, FASS, Fleetguard, and Mopar.

What types of water does a diesel fuel water separator filter remove?

There are two main types of water found in today's diesel fuels:

Emulsified Water in Diesel Fuel - What is This?

  • Diesel Fuel treated with a Demulsifier agent causes the water in the diesel fuel to precipitate out of the fuel where it is mechanically separated by the water separators filter.  

Entrained Water in Diesel FuelWhat is This?

  • Dissolved water in diesel fuel is often referred to as entrained water. Entrained water is the result of diesel fuel being hygroscopic. That means that fuel has the ability to attract and hold water from the environment, whether it is from humid air or condensation on the wall of a fuel tank. A premium quality fuel filter can also remove this type of water from your diesel fuel.

Water in Diesel Fuel is the greatest concern because it is the most common. Water can be introduced into your diesel fuel tank during the refueling process. Water is present due to condensation inside the fuel storage tank and poor housekeeping practices. The effects of water in diesel fuel can be serious, causing injector tips to blow off, corrosion, and reduced fuel lubricity, resulting in premature wear to pumps and injectors.

Why is there a need for improved filtration in modern diesel engines?

Diesel fuel filters with a lower micron rating provide greater removal levels of the water contained within today's diesel fuel. The water removal is provided through the use of a Fuel/Water Separator filter. Today's modern diesel engines produce higher power output than older engines which is achieved through the use of cleaner diesel fuel. This is controlled through the use of slow-release lubricity enhancing fuel filters. Today's diesel engines also have much tighter clearances between the moving parts and the very small nozzle holes found in injectors all need appropriate protection from abrasive wear which is achieved by using media with a tighter micron rating.
Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filters are a vital part of today's diesel engines. Using the proper name-brand premium diesel fuel filter ensures a long trouble-free life of the engine's high-pressure diesel fuel injection. Today's high-pressure systems have very tight tolerances. Improperly Filtered or Unfiltered diesel fuel will cause rapid wear of the engine fuel injection system. If the water in your diesel fuel is not removed before the fuel enters the fuel injection system, rapid wear and failure of the fuel pump and injectors will occur. The cleaner the fuel supplied to the engine the more efficient the combustion process becomes.

Types of Water Separator Filters

Some Water Separator Filters found on diesel engines are of a bowl-like design that collects water at the bottom of the filter housing. Water is a denser liquid than diesel fuel, so it settles to the bottom of the filter casing.

Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter Maintenance

Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filters need to be maintained at regular intervals. If a diesel water separator filter is not drained at regular intervals problems will occur.Microbial colonies can and will proliferate at the interface between the fuel and free water in a water separator filter. Water that has settled to the bottom of the filter gives these microbes everything they need to thrive. Warm temperatures will accelerate the growth of microbial colonies. Microbial growth can occur in any diesel fuel. Biodiesel, being made from plant and animal fats, makes especially good food for these bugs and contributes to the increased incidence of biological growth problems seen in recent years.  The regular draining of your diesel fuel water separator filter reduces your risk of fuel-related challenges!  If you cannot remember the last time you changed your filter, then it is now time for a filter change.

Why your diesel fuel water separator filter is so important!

Water in your fuel will be drawn into your diesel engine's fuel system. The fuel injection system uses diesel for the lubrication of the moving parts. If water gets into a moving part that requires constant lubrication, it will quickly cause overheating and unnecessary wear. Water causes premature wear on the fuel injection system which leads to costly repairs.

The damage caused by Water Contamination in Diesel Fuel

Water is found in diesel fuel, due mainly to condensation, handling, and environmental conditions. While water is always present in diesel fuel, it is more pronounced in humid areas and marine applications. However, today's High-Pressure Common Rail fuel systems cannot have even small amounts of water in the injectors. The presence of water in diesel fuel systems may cause the following problems:

  • Water causes rust and corrosion of iron components. The formation of loose particles of iron oxide contributes to injector wear and component failure
  • At the interface of water and diesel fuel, microbiological growth rapidly occurs under the proper conditions.
  • The microbes that grow in the water form a sludge that can plug filters and hinder injector performance.
  • The acid excreted by these bacteria causes the corrosion of storage tanks and vehicle tanks, which leads to an increase in particles found in fuel.
  • Water can overwhelm standard on-engine fuel filtration.
  • When Water makes it past the fuel filtration system to the injector system, since it does not have the same lubrication as diesel fuel oil, it can cause premature wear and injector failure.
  • Water in the fuel can also lead to premature wear of fuel pumps and other system components that rely upon the lubricating properties of diesel fuel oil.
  • Biodiesel and Bio-oil fuels have become increasingly popular. However, these fuels have a greater affinity to water and therefore are more difficult from which to remove water. These fuels contribute to the most aggressive growth of microbes. Both of these fuels require the addition of secondary filtration systems.
  • High concentrations of water in your diesel fuel will cause problems that lead to fuel gelling or frozen fuel lines during cold weather conditions.
  • To adequately protect modern high-pressure common rail fuel injection systems regular filter maintenance is required.
  • Draining the diesel fuel water separator filter or filters will help prevent fuel-related problems.

KLM Performance carries these fuel water separator filters for premium diesel fuel filtration to keep your fuel system running clean, efficient, and powerful. If you do not see the diesel fuel filter you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call us orcontact us.