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Cooling System Components

Cooling System Components

Your engine's coolant system and its components are one of the most overlooked systems in a diesel engine. Preventive maintenance and repair of your engine's cooling system is a must for long term engine life.

KLM Performance stocks a broad range of aftermarket and OEM cooling components listed below to keep your engine running in the proper operating range and efficiency.

With the introduction of high power diesel engines, air conditioning, turbocharging, and computer-controlled cooling fans, your under-hood operating temperatures have risen dramatically. This excess heat production is clearly one reason why correct coolant maintenance is the key to reducing operating costs, minimizing engine downtime, and ensuring better reliability and durability from engines and cooling systems alike. The heat must be dissipated, or the engine cannot operate at optimum potential, so having your cooling system functioning is vital for long term engine life. These higher demands and higher temperatures place an extreme load on the cooling system and its components. Keep your engine running in the proper temperature range with these products.

Please feel free to call us or contact us for more information on your cooling system requirements.

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