Seals and Gaskets

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Seals and Gaskets

Automotive Gaskets and Seals

This category lists common automotive gaskets and seals required to produce leaf proof sealing of components for common repairs. These automotive gaskets and or seals refer to a mechanical seal that is used for filling the gap between the two components being joined. These automotive gaskets are installed in a wide variety of engines and automotive applications.

The primary job of a gasket or seal is to ensure that the fluids or gasses or fluids do not leak out. These are manufactured using a variety of materials like gasket paper, plastic polymer, rubber, fiberglass, silicone, metal, cork, and felt. Automotive gaskets can bear both low and high compressive loads during a wide variety of temperatures. Each gasket is specially designed to function in its required temperature range and pressure load. These automotive parts come in different designs, shapes, and specifications to meet the intended use.

KLM Performance carries a wide variety of the seal and gaskets you need to keep your engine running clean, efficient and powerful. If you do not see the parts you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call us or contact us.