ARP Connecting Rod Bolts

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ARP Connecting Rod Bolts

ARP Connecting Rod Bolts

Replacing the connecting rod bolts with high-performance items should be the first step in the upgrade. A production cylinder block fitted with stock rod bolts may work fine in a performance street application, but when the horsepower output of the engine progresses well beyond stock, a stock bolt-related failure becomes much more likely.

The installation of stronger connecting rod bolts is especially true if you have added a tuner, larger injectors, camshaft, or a bigger turbocharger. These engine modifications can send cylinder pressures through the roof and place much more strain on the bottom-end components.

ARP Connecting Rod Bolt Kit Applications:

Connecting rod bolts are the most important fasteners in an engine, and also the most highly stressed, due to the great alternating tension and constant cycling they must endure during each rotation of the crankshaft.

The rod's big end is repeatedly distorted to an oval shape, actually flexing the rod bolts, and then returned to a round shape as the crank continues through each cycle.

A machinist should install new rod bolts while the connecting rods are resized. 
These ARP High performances replacement rod bolts are available for a broad range of engine applications.

These applications range from stock replacement, diesel engines, circle track, drag racing engines, and marine applications.

KLM Performance offers several grades of high-performance rod bolts are available.

Choose the vehicle-specific ARP Rod Bolts that will be sure to stand up to the degree of modifications anticipated. Remember that during rod cap installation; the rod bolts stretch as they are torqued. These Rod bolts are categorized as Torque To Yield Bolt. The exact amount of rod bolt elongation is determined with a specialized tool called a stretch gauge. The increased length of the rod bolt can accurately be measured during tightening. Rod Bolts must be rechecked during subsequent rebuilds to determine if they have stretched beyond safe limits and if replacement is required.

These ARP High Performance connecting rod bolts are made from seamless and defect-free ARP 8740 Chromoly steel. All ARP rod bolts are heat-treated before grinding and thread rolling and have a large underhead radius for greater strength. The ARP Rod Bolts are guaranteed to pass magnetic inspection testing. ARP Rod Bolts are nearly five times stronger than OEM bolts. ARP Rod Bolts are used in various applications from stock replacement to track use, marine, and drag racing engines.

When utilizing a set of ARP rod bolts to withstand the tremendous cyclical strains placed upon the rotating assembly, it is critical that the bolts be adequately tightened when they are installed. The preferred method of monitoring the correct amount of tension is through the use of a stretch gauge. The stretch gauge delivers far more accurately than using a torque wrench. Moreover, by subsequently checking the rod bolt's length at tear-downs, it is possible to determine if it has been stressed beyond safe limits and must be replaced.

NOTE: Please make sure you have ordered the correct ARP Rod Bolt Kit before opening the package. Opened ARP products are Non-Returnable if the package has been opened.

ARP’s product line contains thousands of part numbers and has expanded to include virtually every fastener found in an engine and driveline. If you don't see the product you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at 203-210-7200 for more information.

The ARP Rod Bolt Kits are MADE IN THE USA!