FASS Fuel Systems Replacement Pumps

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FASS Fuel Systems Replacement Pumps

FASS Replacement Pumps And Motors

KLM Performance Inc. stocks the full line of FASS replacement pumps and motor assemblies for all of the FASS fuel lift pumps and FASS Fuel Air Separation Systems.

These FASS Replacement pumps are available with flow rates of 95 to 260 gallons per hour. KLM Performance stocks both the 12 Volt and 24 Volt FASS replacement pumps. If you are looking for a 24 Volt replacement pump, please call us to order the assembly. If you have any questions regarding the correct replacement motor or applications, please feel free to contact us or give us a call at 203-210-7200 for assistance. The replacement of a FASS Pump and Motor Assembly is very easy and can be done in a short period without removing your filter assembly or removing any fuel lines.

The FASS Replacement Pumps are available for the following series of fuel lift pumps:

The FASS Replacement Pumps are available with the following fuel flow rates:

  • 95 GPH or 95 Gallons Per Hour
  • 125 GPH or 125 Gallons Per Hour
  • 150 GPH or 150 Gallons Per Hour
  • 165 GPH or 165 Gallons Per Hour
  • 220 GPH or 220 Gallons Per Hour
  • 260 GPH or 260 Gallons Per Hour
  • 290 GPH or 260 Gallons Per Hour

The FASS Motors and Pump assemblies are sold as complete units for the fast and simple repair or upgrade of your FASS diesel fuel pump. KLM Performance offers the FASS replacement pumps in the standard 12 Volt versions as well as 24 Volt versions. Please call us if you need a 24 Volt FASS Replacement Pump at 203-210-7200.

What is the difference between the FASS Replacement Pumps with the EM-1001 Motor and the EM-1002 Motor?

The FASS EM-1001 Replacement Electric Motor

The FASS diesel fuel pumps supplied with the EM-1001 / em1001 motors are designed for lower-pressure fuel pumps that produce lower fuel delivery rates. The EM-1001 Motor will support fuel flow rates from 110 to 165 gallons per hour and fuel pressure rates of 7 to 25 PSI.

The following FASS Pumps are built with the EM-1001 Motors:

The FASS EM-1002 Replacement Electric Motor

The FASS diesel fuel pumps supplied with the EM-1002 / em1002 motors are designed for higher fuel pressures and fuel delivery rates. The EM-1002 Motor will support FASS fuel pumps which provide fuel pressure rates from 45 PSI to 135 PSI and fuel flow rates from 95 to 260 gallons per hour. The FASS replacement fuel pumps with the EM-1002 electric motors are used on the Extreme to Super Extreme power levels diesel fuel pumps in all series of fuel-air separation systems. The FASS pumps using the EM-1002 motors also draw more amperage, so you must have the correct wire harness for your application. KLM Performance offers all of these motors in 12-volt or 24-volt applications. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need a 24 Volt motor for your FASS fuel pump. Due to the laws of Hydraulic Flow, you either have High Pressure and a Lower Fuel Delivery Rate or Low Pressure and a Higher diesel fuel delivery rate.

The following FASS Pumps are built with the EM-1002 Motors:

FASS Replacement Pumps Extended Warranty:

All FASS Replacement pumps are backed by a manufacturer's 4 4-year warranty from FASS!  Your New Replacement Pump and Motor assembly are covered by a 4-year warranty on light truck applications or a new 2-year warranty on a semi-truck unit.  You must complete the WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD and mail the warranty paperwork to FASS.

NOTE: KLM Performance is an Authorized FASS Distributor. To be covered by the FASS Warranty, you must purchase your FASS Replacement Pump and Motor Assembly from a FASS VIP Dealer or Distributor and send in the registration within 30 days to receive your warranty.

This product has NO WARRANTY unless you the Customer, complete these vital steps to secure the Four Year Warranty on your FASS Pump!
1. It has been purchased from an Authorized or VIP FASS Dealer. If in doubt,
check www.FASSRide.com.

2. If you purchase a FASS Product On Amazon.com, the FASS warranty is void. KLM Performance advises you to immediately return the FASS product to the seller and get a refund.

3. Your FASS replacement pump must be registered within thirty days of the purchase.

4. FASS Fuel Systems reserves the right to apply others to the warranty coverage. 

NOTE: These FASS Replacement Pump and Motors are special order items and cannot be returned for exchange or credit. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question about the part needed for your FASS Lift Pump before ordering a FASS replacement pump!!

These FASS Fuel Pumps and Motors are MADE IN THE USA!