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Class 8 Semi





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What is a Fuel Air Separation System?

A Fuel Air Separation System is a combination of high performance diesel lift pump and an advanced diesel fuel filtration system. These diesel fuel pumps are designed to provide a specified fuel flow rate and pressure to your diesel engine. The improved fuel delivery rates directly increase the engine performance, fuel economy and longevity, and lifespan of your diesel fuel injection system.

A Fuel Air Separation System has a compact high performance diesel fuel pump that is built with a powerful motor.

Fuel Air Separation Systems

Fuel Air Separation Systems are a combination of diesel lift pumps and fuel filtration systems with built-in water and air separation for your Cummins, Powerstroke, Duramax, or almost any diesel engine.

The high performance diesel fuel air separation systems are intended to endure the most demanding applications and climates. These lift pumps are available with fuel flow rates of 80 to 260 gallons per hour. Some application-specific fuel air separation systems also feature adjustable fuel pressure rates of 0 to 75 PSI. These diesel fuel pumps are backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty, so there is no need to worry about your diesel fuel pump.

Diesel Fuel Air Separation System Benefits:

  • Effectively removes the contaminants from your diesel fuel.
  • Increases Fuel Injector Life
  • Enhances the dependability of your fuel injection system.
  • It will increase Fuel Mileage and engine performance.
  • Removes All Types of Fuel Contaminants such as Emulsified and Entrained Water & Free Water, Air, Vapor, and Suspended Debris
  • Lowers Maintenance Cost
  • Excellent Cold Weather Performance
  • Extreme Filter Life
  • Optional Electric Fuel Heater is Available

Why do I need one on my diesel engine?

In addition to providing the correct diesel fuel flow and pressure, these lift pumps also offer advanced filtration technology. This improved diesel fuel filter removes water, air, and vapor while filtering down to a 3 micron, far superior to your factory fuel filter. The added filtration provided by installing a fuel-air separation system will help improve your engine's idle and throttle response. Improved fuel filtration will also extend the life of the fuel injection system components such as the injectors and injection pumps.

KLM Performance offers Fuel Air Separation Systems for the following applications:

  • 1989 to Current model Dodge Ram trucks with the 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins diesel engines.
  • 1999 to Current model Ford Trucks with the 7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L, and 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engines.
  • 2001 to 2018 Chevrolet or GMC vehicles with the 6.6L Duramax diesel engines.
  • Class 8 trucks with Volvo (VED), Mercedes (MBE-4000), Detroit (DDEC I, II, III or IV), Cummins M11, N14, ISX and Signature Series, Caterpillar Diesel engines
  • Universal application fuel pumps for almost all diesel engines.

What are the benefits of installing a Fuel Air Separation System on a diesel engine? Removing entrained air and vapor from your diesel fuel supply?

By eliminating entrained air and vapor from your diesel fuel supply, you will increase the power level and efficiency of your diesel engine. Your diesel engine and its fuel system design were calculated on a test bench using the optimum conditions. These optimum conditions are the exact opposite of the conditions your engine encounters while it is in use. We drive on rough roads with varying speeds and RPMs in different climates, altitudes, barometric pressures, and humidity levels.  All of these factors lead to significant amounts of air and vapor accumulating into our fuel tank, fuel lines, etc.  Diesel Fuel contains both entrained air and vapor. These conditions are present in all diesel fuel systems that do not have a fuel-air separation system installed.

Entrained Air and Vapor Produce these symptoms:

  • Decreased Horsepower
  • Decreased Fuel Mileage or Poor Fuel Mileage
  • Excessive Smoke
  • Shorter Fuel Injection System Life Span
  • Injector Failure
  • Hard Start or Will Not Start
  • Engine Surges at Low Idle
  • Warm Engine Runs Rough or Misfires in Operating Range
  • Rough Idle
  • Engine Will Not Reach Rated Speed When Loaded

FASS Titanium Signature Series and Pureflow Airdog Ii 4G Fuel Air Separation Systems provide optimum engine performance and reliability.

Please contact us to discuss a fuel-air separation system for your application by calling us at 203-210-7200 or Contact Us. KLM Performance will be happy to help you find the right pump for the job.

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Industrial Series

The FASS Fuel Systems Industrial Series Diesel Fuel Lift Pump was engineered to be the top-performing, longest-lasting, and most reliable aftermarket diesel fuel filtration system in the diesel industry. These Diesel Fuel Lift Pumps are rated with superior fuel flows up to 290 gallons per hour with fuel pressure designed to met the exact requirements of your engine. These High Performance Lift Pumps are proudly MADE IN THE USA! and backed with a Five Year / One Million Mile Warranty! 

The FASS Fuel Systems Industrial Series System Lift Pumps Provide these benefits:

  • Provides advanced diesel fuel filtration benefits to removes suspended diesel fuel contaminants
  • The removal of the containments  down to a Two Micron level will help protect the lifespan of your entire fuel injection system.
  • Purified fuel free of contaminants will extend the life of your diesel fuel injectors.
  • The Industrial Series features a se improved filtration level of 2 Microns with a built-in water separation filter
  • The FASS Fuel Systems patented air and vapor removal process further improves the operation of your engine.
  • The Industrial Series Diesel Fuel Lift Pump Systems provide the superior filtration solution to keep your truck on the road longer while running at optimum engine efficiency to increase your profitability.
  • FASS Industrial Series Lift Pumps are manufactured with a High Performance Brushless Motor to maintain long term durability. 
  • Industrial Series Diesel Fuel System eliminates the need to purchase and install a dedicated fuel return line kit to provide a dramatic reeducation in installation times. 

FASS Extreme Water Separator removes over 99% of the water in diesel fuel along with removing dirt, rust, and all other particulates down to 2 microns absolute. Traditional water separators lose filtration efficiency as flow rates increase while the FASS Extreme Water Separator remains highly efficient at removing contaminants.

FASS Silencing Technology  - FST was developed by the engineering team here at FASS Fuel Systems to help reduce the noise created by aftermarket fuel and air separation diesel lift pumps. By using radius cuts, tighter tolerances on all gears and a high-quality military Spec’d Coating over the aluminum base, FASS Fuel Systems was able to develop the quietest fuel air separation system on the market.

Performance Radius Cuts - PRC are an advanced machining technique used to improve the flow of fuel through the diesel lift pump by creating smooth flowing cuts within the aluminum housing. This prevents the reintroduction of air and vapor back into the fuel and also prevents stagnate fuel pockets from forming within the corner of a 90-degree bend. FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel Pumps are the only Fuel Air Separation System that incorporates these exclusive Performance Radius Cuts, lesser competitors commonly use T-Bone and square 90-degree fittings that can limit fuel flow, cause restrictions and reintroduce air back into your fuel.

Continuous Fuel Polishing (CFP) technology is used to continually “polish” your fuel by repeatedly circulating the fuel within the Extreme Water Separator prior to the fuel being sent to the fuel injection system. This process ensures that your diesel engine is supplied with the purest diesel fuel possible.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about what Industrial Series Lift Pump you need for your truck.