ARP Main Stud Kit

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ARP Main Stud Kit

ARP Main Studs and Bolts

Do I need to install an ARP Main Stud Kit in my Motor?

These ARP main studs are designed to hold down the main bearing caps which secure the crankshaft in your engine block. The ARP main studs dramatically reduce the main cap walking and fretting. These ARP main stud kits are designed to keep the crankshaft securely locked in place within your motor. Using the proper fasteners to complete this job will help ensure a trouble-free life for your high-performance engine. ARP manufactures these primary stud bolt kits with their proprietary 8740 Chromoly steel. This ARP main stud alloy has a 190,000 psi tensile strength rating. These main studs are precision centerless ground and thread rolled to Mil-S-8879 specs, with a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance. All of the ARP main studs kits come complete with hardened washers and high-strength hex nuts. The installation of these main stud kits is recommended if you are increasing the power level of your motor.

KLM Performance off the following groups of ARP Main Studs for your engine:

Why you should use ARP main studs over bolts:

  • Main Studs provide more accurate torque readings because main studs do not twist into the engine block.
  • Main Studs produce clamping forces that are on one axis.
  • Less force exerted on the block threads contributes to improved engine block life.
  • Using a precision-made leading stud allows for easier engine assembly.
  • Main Bolts ensure the proper aliment of the main caps.

These ARP main stud kit features:

  • Manufactured from 8740 Chromoly steel.
  • High strength rating of 190,000 psi tensile strength.
  • Precision centerless-ground and thread-rolled.
  • Meet the Mil-S-8879 specification.
  • Coated with a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance.
  • The kits come complete with hardened washers and high-strength hex nuts.
  • Main stud kits allow for easier engine assembly.
  • Provide for the proper alignment of the caps.
  • Main Studs provide the most accurate torque readings because the clamping force is exerted on a single axis as it does not just twist into your engine block.
  • The Main Studs have a precision J-form thread rolled after heat-treatment to create a fastener with superior thread strength. 

What is the difference between the Main Stud and a Head Stud?

The Main Stud is used for the installation of the Main Caps, The Main Caps hold your engine's crankshaft on the lower end of the motor.

The Head Stud is used for the installation of the Cylinder Head or Heads. The Head Stud holds the cylinder head in place on the engine block. The ARP Head Stud keeps the cylinder head in a constant state of tension to prevent head gasket failure. Heads studs work on the top of the motor.

ARP manufactures these Main Stud Kits in either 2 Bolt or 4 Bolt Kits for each particular engine application.

Every single ARP product is MADE IN THE USA!

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