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FASS Replacement Adjustable and Non Adjustable Series Lift Pump Motors

Replacement FASS Pump and Motor assemblies for the following FASS lift pumps:

  • FASS HPFP Lift Pump
  • FASS Adjustable Lift Pump
  • FASS Non-Adjustable Lift Pump

KLM Performance stocks the full line of replacement pumps and motors for your FASS Fuel Pump. FASS has discontinued the original FASS HPFP and Non-Adjustable Series Fuel Pumps. These fuel pumps have been replaced with the FASS Adjustable Fuel Pressure lift pumps. Obtaining a replacement pump and motor assembly is easy. These FASS Fuel Systems replacement pumps are now available for all of the discontinued FASS RPFO models as a FASS RPFA motor. These FASS Fuel Systems Adjustable Fuel replacement pumps come with flow rates of 95 to 260 gallons per hours.

These FASS fuel pump adjustable fuel pumps are available in two different motor classes.

  • The FASS RPFA replacement lift pumps that provide Low fuel pressure are built with the EM-1001 series motors.
  • The FASS RPFA replacement lift pumps that provide High fuel pressure are built with the EM-1002 series motors.

FASS FA Series Lift Pumps Replacement Motors:

NOTE: All FASS Replacement Lift Pumps are a Special Order item and cannot be returned for exchange or credit. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding what FASS motor you need for your FASS Fuel Pump.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing the correct replacement pump motor and their applications, please feel free to contact us or give us a call at 203-210-7200 for assistance. The replacement of a FASS Pump and Motor Assembly is very easy and can be done in a short period with the disconnection of the mounting bracket, wire harness, and the fuel lines.

FASS Lift Pump Warranty

FASS offers a Four-Year Manufacturers Warranty on their replacement motors for the FA Series Adjustable Fuel Pumps. To be covered by the FASS Warranty you must purchase your FASS Replacement from a FASS VIP Dealer or Distributor and send in the registration within 30 days to receive your warranty. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to fill out your product registration form and return the original form to FASS Fuel Systems within 30 days of purchase accompanied by a copy of the purchase receipt. Complying with these guidelines will qualify you for the Extended Warranty.

All FASS Replacement Motors is a special order item and cannot be returned for exchange or credit. Please contact us if you have a question about the part needed for your FASS Lift Pump before your purchase!

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