FASS RPFAS-1001 FA Pump EM-1001 w/.625 Gear

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FASS RPFAS-1001 FASS FA Signature Series 165 GPH Replacement Pump and Motor

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FASS SIGNATURE SERIES RPFAS 1001 165 Gallon Per Hour Pump and Motor With Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 

FASS RPFAS-1001 FA Series Pump EM-1001 Replacement Pump and Motor Assembly. High-Performance FA Signature Series Pump 165 GPH Pump for the FASS RPFAS and RPFO fuel pumps.

The FASS RPFAS-1001 FA Pump EM-1001 w/.625 Gear is an advanced fuel pump designed to optimize fuel efficiency and performance. With its .625 gear and EM-1001 technology, it is capable of delivering fuel with precision to ensure maximum horsepower and torque.

This FASS Fuel Systems replacement motor assembly works on the following:

  • 165 GPH Pump for the FASS RPFA fuel pump.
  • 165 GPH Pump for the FASS RPFAS fuel pump.
  • 165 GPH Pump for the older Non-Adjustable FASS RPFO fuel pump.

The FASS RPFAS-1001 FA Pump Series EM-1001 w/.625 Gear is the replacement pump and motor assembly for the FASS 165 GPH Adjustable Fuel Pumps and the Non-Adjustable Fuel Pumps. This FASS Fuel Systems Signature Series Replacement Pump and Motor Assembly has a FASS part number of RPFA-1001, which is the FASS Adjustable Fuel Pump Series with a 165 GPH flow rating. KLM Performance offers this fuel pump in 12 Volt and 24 Volt applications to meet your exact engine needs.

NOTE: There is a 24 Volt Version of this replacement pump that is built to order and requires 10 Working Days before your order will ship!

The FASS RPFAS-1001 FA Series is the Replacement Pump and motor assembly required for the following FASS FAS Pump Series:

  • Dodge Moderate to Extreme Power FA Series Adjustable Fuel Pumps
  • Ford Moderate to Extreme Power FA Series Adjustable Fuel Pumps
  • Chevy Moderate to Extreme Power FA Series Adjustable Fuel Pumps
  • The FASS RPFAS-1001 Supports Diesel engines with 350 to 700 Horsepower.

The FASS Replacement Pump RPFAS-1001 Adjustable Fuel FASS Pump Signature Series consists of the following parts:

  • New pump housing
  • New georotor gear
  • New electric motor.
  • New O-Rings
  • Installation Instructions

The FASS RPFAS-1001 FA Pump Series benefits:

  • EM-1001 w/.625 Gear is straightforward to change without removing your filter assembly
  • It does not require you to remove the fuel lines
  • Backed by a FASS Manufacturers 4 Year Warranty
  • FASS Adjustable High Performance Fuel Pump that flows 165 gallons per hour.
  • This pump is a standard replacement pump and motor assembly for the former FASS RPFO Series Pumps.
  • Available as a complete replacement pump assembly.

This FASS Fuel Systems FASS RPFAS-1001 EM-1001 High-Performance HPFP Replacement Fuel Pump w/625 Gear supersedes the old part number:

  • FASS HPFP-1001
  • FASS RPFA-1001
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to complete your product registration form and return the original form to FASS Fuel Systems within 30 days of purchase, accompanied by a copy of the purchase receipt. Complying with these guidelines will qualify you for the Four Year Extended Warranty.
NOTE: This unique order item cannot be returned for exchange or credit. Please ensure you order the correct replacement adjustable fuel pump for your FASS Lift Pump! If you have any questions regarding what FASS replacement lift pump you require, don't hesitate to contact KLM Performance before placing an order.

This FASS FA Series replacement pump and motor assemblies FASS RPFAS-1001 165 GPH Adjustable Fuel Pump are MADE IN THE USA!

  • by KLM Performance
  • Engine : All Diesel Engines with a FASS Adjustable or Non-Adjustable Lift Pump
  • Power Level: Stock Motor to 700 Horsepower
  • Flow Rate: 165 Gallons Per Hour
  • Fuel Pressure: Adjustable Pressure From 0 To 70 PSI.
  • Item Number: FASS RPFAS-1001
  • Make: :
  • Model :
  • Year :
  • Manufacturer Part No: RPFAS-1001
  • Product Application: FASS Fuel Systems 165 GPH Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Fuel Pumps.
  • Height: 12
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: FASS
  • FAQ: What is the warranty on this FASS replacement pump? FASS provides you with a Four Year Manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. Is there anything else I should replace at the time of this motor change? We at KLM Performance strongly recommend you change the inline pre-filter at the same time the pump is replaced. This filter change ensures that the new pump will obtain an unrestricted flow of fuel.
  • Part Number: RPFAS-1001
  • Manufacturer: FASS
  • Product Note: This FASS FA Signature Series replacement pump and motor assembly include the adjustable fuel pressure regulator to get you back on the road again. Please note all parts are subject to availability constraints due to the current product availability issues the economy is facing. 

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