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Vibratech and Fluidampr Price Increases

Oct 8, 2022

KLM Performance is now proving this heads up to the soon to be imposed Fluidampr and Vibratech Prices Increases.

We ask our loyal customers to order prior to this onset so that the product availability and current price point is obtainable. Please also note that shipping charges will continue to rise with the factors effecting shipping rates. The increases in UPS Shipping Rates are currently projected to be 6.9% effective January 1st 2023.


We all know that a precision made aftermarket high performance crankshaft damper protects your engine and increases power output levels across the entire RPM range. Fluidampr and Vibratech offers the highest quality American Made Viscous dampers for over 70 years of viscous damper engineering experience on hand. The Viscous crankshaft dampers provide maximum control of all the engine harmonic vibrations, no matter the rpm at which they occur and regardless of the crankshaft's natural vibration frequency. These Viscous Dampers provide vibration control provides the maximum protection of the crank, main bearings, engine-related components, and more dependable power output. Also, Fluidampr is maintenance and repair free. Fluidampr is committed in both race and street.

Now is your last chance to get these viscous dampers at their current price before the s substantial price increase is imposed.

KLM Performance offers the Vibratech Viscous Crankshaft Dampers for the Class 8, Large Commercial Engines, and Over The Road Truck Engines:

Fluidampr viscous crankshaft vibration dampers are available for the following engine categories:

Please Contact Us if you have any questions on what damper you need for your engines.

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